A new product has come onto the market and promises to revolutionize the world of beauty as they claim that it is a very powerful firming, that will protect the skin during the day and activate cell regulation at night. The novelty of this product is its main component, called kangaroo flower.

This plant, whose scientific name is Anigozanthos manglesii and belongs to the Haemodoraceae family, it is native to Australia, where it is known as «kangaroo paw» and «catspaw» depending on the shape of its flowers. It is an emblematic flower of the Australian continent and is protected by law, requiring a special license for its collection from its natural environment.

This ornamental flower, which has different subspecies and striking colors, has been the subject of scientific studies since everyone agrees that it has regenerative properties of the dermis, which is why a large number of cosmetic brands are using it in their facial creams. It is also attributed properties to moisturize the hair.

The cosmetic houses affirm that the creams that contain kangaroo flower are ideal for women reaching 40 years and that require greater personal care, since at this stage of life wrinkles appear around the eyes, definition is lost on the face and firmness declines. That is why they are using the kangaroo flower in their most innovative formulas, due to its regenerative power of skin cells.

It is known that the kangaroo flower has been used by the Australian aborigines for the preparation of an energy drink; what caused curiosity of the scientists was the freshness and smoothness of the skin of these indigenous Australians, for this reason they devoted themselves to the investigation of the species to use it for cosmetic purposes. According to the studies carried out, this plant favors the proliferation of protective proteins of young cells and preserves the number of fibroblasts, promoting skin firmness.

Likewise, the ethnobotanists of the important cosmetics firm carried out an expedition to Australia with the sole purpose of studying the plant because its unprecedented inflorescence attracts pollinating birds in the same way as the grouping of young cells, concluding that this characteristic produces skin regeneration.

Researches affirm that the kangaroo flower is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9in addition to acting as an emollient and antioxidant, it creates a protective film on the skin, nourishing the lower layers, it has also proven to be effective as a dermis whitener, reducing hyper-pigmentation as well as its effectiveness in healing wounds, for which it has been used to treat acne.

At present, cosmetic firms carry out research into natural products in an effort to obtain the benefits of plants to improve the condition of the skin, since it has been known that other indigenous tribes, who use natural elements, enjoy formidable skin and good health, therefore, they focus their studies on traditional and natural products.