The tree of life represents a mapin it the various aspects of the world, man and life itself are established, its intention is to give answers about everything that can generate doubts and knowledge, a guide of what you want to understand, in a more technical way it is the representation of a great structure that encompasses every existing element in the universe, from galaxies to a particle of dust.

It contains information about the origin and evolution through transformation, that connection of man with his deepest spiritual being, his mind and body, the tree of life is a symbol made up of twenty-two channels and ten sefirot, name Hebrew to refer to each of the spheres of the tree, these are connected by channels, organized descendingly.

According to Jewish belief, within the kabbalah or kabbalah, each sefirot or sphere, is responsible for materializing each of the universal archetypes that shape the worldas we know it, trying to express that it is possible to separate it into ten equal parts, as elements and characteristics, therefore each sphere is recognized by a particular name.

In addition to receiving a name, they are assigned a number. Well, with the number ten is the sefirot Malchut, it represents the conscience of the senses as well as physical, the meaning of its name is kingdom, while with the number nine Yesod is presented, alluding to the instinct, to the conscience psychic and unconscious, meaning its name, foundation.

The number eight is received by Hod, his name means splendor, his energy is focused on the intellect and the dimension of reality, now, Netsaj is the next being the number seven, it is the sefirot of feelings and his name means glory, as number six Tiferet is known, whose name means beauty, sella represents identity and harmony.

Gevura is the sphere number five, representing rigor and strength, its name means power, while sphere number four is known as Hesed, it means mercy, so it represents love, the sefirot number three is Bina and this represents the intelligence, that cosmic law that is over everything, its name means understanding.

Sphere number two is Hochma, whose name means wisdom and represents the force of pure energy, while sefirot number one represents unity and its name Keter, which means crown.

Each of them shape the Jewish tree of life, add value and meaning, so it is known as a sacred figure, represents everything desired and sought, through the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah, is present in nature and many associate it with the flower of life.