Rap made its way during the eighties establishing itself as a subculture and with it rappers arrived on the scene with a style that since its inception stood out for being excessively flashy, demonstrating that extravagance, loose clothing, hats and large jewelry would be its hallmark. , focused on attracting everyone’s attention, generating fury has been a very simple task because with their arrival they gave a lot to talk about.

For the exponents of rap and hip hop, the ideal way to demonstrate the results of their work, as well as define their status, has been without a doubt through the use of striking and of course large jewelry, for them the more brilliant pieces they exhibit, it is better, over the years this would become a unique feature, these jewels became an essential part of what would become a select group of people followed by many.

Among the rappers’ jewelry, wide and long chains stand out, which they tend to use in large quantities, generating a direct traffic of glances at their necks, these are accompanied by huge pendants of different shapes, in order to transmit a message written in gold and silver. , adorned with small precious stones and as a finishing touch the distinctive use of large rings.

The world of hip hop has evolved and the list of people who have been part of it is immense; however, when it comes to wearing jewelry, a great benchmark for this has been Slick Rick, a pioneer in the use of gold chains, wearing more than twenty of them, setting the standard and serving as inspiration for many other artists.

Not only rappers, exponents of various musical genres began to incorporate the use of flashy rap-style jewelry into their outfits and accessories, the frenzy was so great that the shine had no problem adding veneers tailored to whose teeth desired, this from the hand of leading jewelers in the industry.

Gleaming teeth made of gold and precious stones became a trend among rappers and other artists such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, who had no reservations about showing their peculiar smile at the most important music events and their red carpets.

All this would mark a precious reference for the growing music industry and the new talents that try to attract the attention of their public, such as the still young urban music, this being reflected in artists of the stature of Wisin and Yandel, who in each presentation, concert or music video reveal their not at all inconspicuous jewelry, the glitter trend was established so strongly that precious stones have been added to accessories such as sunglasses, cell phones and shoes.

At present, without the need to listen to their music or even meet them, observing in detail what they wear makes it an easy task to recognize them as rappers or representatives of the urban genre, this style has managed to permeate and remain firm over time, to the point of become more flexible and join new musical branches such as «reggaeton», being accepted by fans and adding more followers.