In the dream world of cinema, fairy tales and princesses have always held a place of honor, and their protagonists have become icons for many generations, who are imitated and admired by girls and adolescents from all over the world. Therefore, everything that has to do with those movie princesses arouses the interest and attention of millions of young people and adults.

In this sense, talking about princess jewelry, dresses and accessories is a must when it comes to describing princesses like Pocahontas, Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel. who are generally called “the Disney Princesses”, and who have been the source of inspiration for designers who create true works of art.

Therefore, when we refer to princess jewellery, we are not only going to mention princesses such as Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales or Princess Leticia of Spain, but we are also going to describe an important collection that shows unique designs dedicated to these princesses of fiction, which through the world of comics or represented by excellent actresses in the mecca of cinema, exhibit clothes and dresses that capture in detail the basic characteristics of a fashion that many companies in the fashion industry have taken great advantage of effectiveness.

Focusing on this collection, we are going to describe unique pieces designed by Chopard to please the demanding lovers and admirers of the world of princesses and specifically of fairy tales. This initiative has been taken by Harrods stores, which through this designer presents a new collection worthy of high jewelry, whose details are based on characteristic aspects of the iconic Disney Princesses.

This is how the famous London department store «Harrod» has formed a work team with special participation, Caroline Scheufele and Giuseppe Zanotti, who have created exclusive garments worthy of High Jewelry, and which were exhibited in the Chopard Boutique of Harrods in London, England, to be auctioned off for a charity.

Initiatives like this are an example for the big fashion companies, to set precedents in relation to the link that must exist between the world of fantasy, glamor and luxury with social projects dedicated to satisfying the needs of the most vulnerable and needy.

For this reason, we have considered it convenient to narrow down this topic, which may initially seem superficial, but which carries a nuance with a high human content, taking into account, in turn, that the aforementioned characters have represented the dream of many for decades. children and young people around the world.

We then invite our friends who follow our articles, to enter the magical world of those magical stories of princesses and fairies that we have all enjoyed on the big screen or on television, to know and understand the different designs achieved by these famous designers, whose sales will go to noble social causes.

Let’s start with the jewelry inspired by Ariel, who has been considered one of the most distinguished Disney princesses, whose characteristic red hair, her big blue eyes and her mermaid tail have inspired the elaboration of a bracelet with multiple circles of pave diamonds, emeralds and chalcedony beads, which represent the basic aspects of this mermaid-princess and the bubbles of the ocean that give the sensation of movement produced by the waters.

We continue with the story of “Cinderella”, whose classic beauty and sublime charm have been the inspiration to design a splendid set of headband and earrings. This headband was created under a design that simulates a wave of flowers made with diamonds and aquamarines, as well as a few drops of pearls, while the earrings are a flower with a pearl and an aquamarine teardrop.

Next we have a gold necklace set with precious and fine stones, whose design was inspired by the personality of Belle, the Princess of the fascinating story of Beauty and the Beast, which was designed by Chopard in order to combine it with the yellow dress of this character, symbolizing love and changes in life.

This wonderful piece of high jewelry was designed taking into account the movement achieved by the use of different shades in gradient, which begins with a 69-carat electric blue tanzanite and round blue sapphires, to continue with oval amethysts in shades of violet and purple. , which find perfect companions in rubellites, morganites, kunzites and spinels, to finish the gradient with white and pink diamonds, as well as pink heart-shaped sapphires that symbolize Belle’s kind character.

Another famous and admired Princess is Jasmine, from the story of Aladdin, who has been the inspiration for the creation of a necklace with a pendant interspersed with turquoise and gold beads; Featuring a dangling 283 carat turquoise set with diamonds for a stunning sparkling look.

In addition, a flower-shaped brooch has been designed that symbolizes the strength and courage of Malun, made with a wonderful rubellite in the center of the garment, with impressive square and oval rubies that give volume to the garment, as well as pink sapphires. pear-shaped and round; violet and pink spinels and oval pink tourmalines. The use of this entire range of precious stones in different shades and nuances of bright colors, represent the warrior spirit of Mulan and the sensitivity of this admired and loved character.

In the list of princess stories from the magical world of Disney, there is Pocahontas, who invites designers to create pieces full of color and life, through the use of precious stones that fill true works of art with charm. modern jewelry In this way, a bracelet was designed that faithfully represents the characteristics of this Disney Princess, which symbolizes the «colors of the wind», so that it shows a palette of striking colors that give the garment a special charm.

Because Pocahontas is a Native American princess, this bracelet is tribal, containing an intricate assemblage of tourmalines, amethysts, diamonds, rubies, and blue and pink sapphires, combined to mesmerizing effect in a jewel to behold.

For her part, the famous Rapunzel with her long braids cannot be left out of this list of princesses who inspire adults and children. This beautiful princess who spent part of her life confined to her in a lonely tower, because «Lady Gothel», she believed that her golden hair had the power to keep her young forever. For this reason, she decided to design a simple necklace in rose gold with diamonds, which represents Rapunzel’s long hair, which carries with it a message of freedom and optimism, through simplicity and fluidity.

Another piece of high jewelry created by Chopard are the earrings inspired by the story of «Sleeping Beauty», made with a range of colors reflected in a perfect combination of precious and fine stones. This combination is shown in two earrings, where the first is a bird whose wings are made of tsavorites and emeralds, as well as two flowers, one of purple amethysts and the other of tourmalines, and the other earring shows soft flowers of yellow and pink sapphires. , as well as stunning rubies.

Snow White finds a place in the list of jewels presented in this collection dedicated to the princesses of all time, through a delicate pave leaf made of round emeralds and tsavorites placed on the stem of brown diamonds. In addition, a wonderful rose and white gold ring is added to this sheet, accompanied by round rubies that represent the perfect red apple that is irresistible to the eye.

Finally we have the famous story of «The Frog and the Princess», which served as inspiration to design a necklace that represents the floating flowers in which Princess Tiana and her prince sailed to find the solution to the spell. To achieve the desired effects of this necklace, the sky blue flowers were made with tourmalines that symbolize the blue dress that Princess Tiana wore when she met her prince, as well as branches intertwined with tsavorites and forest-colored emeralds, which are combined with pearls that they give distinction to the garment, which highlights a perfect harmony through the combination of fine precious stones, which is a tribute to a magical journey full of mystery and uncertainty, but above all full of hope and love.

This is how, through this collection of jewels, we enter the magical world of princesses, which invites us to dream, to create, to believe, to have hopes, and above all to love the beauty that nature offers us. , but in the real world he finds stories that are perhaps not so full of magic, but of tragedy, such as the case of the Princess of Wales, the beloved and admired Lady Diana, as she was called by millions of people.

This beautiful woman who fought for humanitarian causes that led her to travel the world, and to be considered one of the most charismatic princesses in history, had head jewelry that was her favorite, such as the seven-strand pearl necklace with sapphire and diamond pendants, emerald necklaces and tiaras, personalized jewelry with semi-precious stones and a collection of faux gold accessories, including her famous personalized necklace with the charm of the letter “D”, sets of aquamarines and pearl chokers.

In short, the truth is that comic book princesses, protagonists of Disney stories, or very real ones like Lady Diana, have always been characterized by wearing jewels that have become characteristic symbols of their personalities and carry important messages to life. society and the different cultures of the world.