The jewels of María Félix represent a part of the culture of Mexico, a country that saw the birth of this woman of exuberant and enigmatic beauty in the city of Alamos on April 8, 1914, and died in Mexico City on April 8 of 2002, just the day of her 88th birthday. The real name of this sensual actress was María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña, and she became one of the most beautiful and striking figures of Hispanic movie industry, and one of the most important women of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican movie industry.

For these reasons, it is important to know details of her life before talking about the jewels of Maria Felix. “La Doña”, as she was known, was a nickname that she won for having starred the movie “Doña Bárbara” in 1943based on the work of the Venezuelan writer, Romulo Gallegos, being one of the most successful films among the 47 ones made in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy and France.

It should be noted that this beautiful woman was not only an actress, but also a model of many renowned painters such as José Clemente Orozco, who painted her when she was a teenager, and subsequently she met Diego Rivera when she was filming the movie “ Hidden River”, getting to establish a good friendship with him and his wife, Frida Kahlo. From there, a reference is made to María Félix’s jewels as distinctive elements of this actress and model.

This is how this famous painter managed to make her pose for him, although La Doña admitted that she did not like his works. In addition, she was a model of well-known painters such as Remedios Varon, Leonor Fini and Leonora Carrington, being the Russian-French painter Antoine Tzapoff the last one for whom she posed, her last partner.

Her taste for fashion and jewelry, her great elegance, sensuality and exuberant beauty led her to become a true fashion icon throughout the world, so that she was the image of YSL, the Balenciagas, Christian Dior and Cartierwho was inspired by the style and attitude of La Doña to design fabulous jewels like her iconic reptiles, one of the jewels of María Félix which are among those that have had greater popularity throughout the history of this famous brand.

The truth is that “María Bonita”, as the actress was also known since the famous composer Agustín Lara composed the song of the same name exclusively for her and dedicated it to her as a wedding gift, was a lover of jewelery and established a close relationship with Cartier which remained until the end of her life and the brand knew how to value after her death when in 2006 it launched the collection “La Doña de Cartier” as a tribute to the Mexican actress.

One of María Félix’s most striking jewels is the “Snake necklace”, which was the first garment she ordered to make with Cartier in 1968 in white gold, yellow gold and platinum, in addition to having 2,473 diamonds that added about 178.21 carats, as well as two pear-shaped emeralds that were the eyes of the snake , and red, green and black enamels were used to highlight the beauty of the jewel. The preparation of the jewel lasted two years of work for the craftsmen of this jewelry.

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Another of the jewels of María Félix that made history and today is considered as the most spectacular piece of this actress is the Crocodile necklace, which she asked to be made for her in 1975, when she went to the Cartier store of Rue de la Paix in Paris accompanied by a small crocodile which was her pet since she wanted them to make a replica of it embodied in a jewel , that is precisely the necklace we know today.

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The design of this lush necklace is based on two intertwined crocodiles, which individually could be used as brooches that are made of gold and have 1,060 emeralds that have 66.86 carats, 1,023 60-carat yellow diamonds, two emerald cabochons and two ruby ​​cabochons, which are the eyes of crocodiles. Undoubtedly, an extraordinary mix of materials in an unusual design and rarely seen in any jewel, and especially worn with such an attitude and elegance for this sensual and unique woman.

Currently, these jewels of María Félix are exhibited in exhibitions worldwide thanks to the collection made by the famous brand of jewelry Cartier which, as it was said before, it is called “La Doña de Cartier” and is composed of 4 pieces made with Colombian emeralds, diamonds and gold, and inspired by the necklace that the actress asked to be made for her in 1975 taking her pet as a model, a baby crocodile.