Many people over the years have tuned in through television screens, pay TV channel E! entertainment tv, to see the occurrences of the Kardashian clan, where Kim Kardashian has indisputably stood out, the leader of the tabloids for her style, her relationships and for how public her life is thanks to the reality show modality.

Basically, the family is made up of her mother Kris, and the sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, along with her brother Rob, who is not so media, but the focus for the last two years has been directed towards the younger sisters, who are not they share the same, as they are the product of Kris’s second marriage to Bruce Jenner.

Kendall (20 years old) and Killie (18 years old), are the new obsession of young girls, not only from the United States, but from various parts of the world, Kendall is a model, already consecrated by the different designers and by the multimillion-dollar campaigns of beauty products, her greatest achievement, having resonance thanks to her participation on the catwalk of the Victorias Secret parade, one of the most popular and original underwear brands with respect to its promotional aesthetics.

Unlike Kendall, Kylie Jenner has a participation much more similar to that of her sister Kim, being the youngest in the family, it falls on her shoulders to seek a different form of promotion.

Killie has dedicated herself 100% to promoting her image, modifying all the parts of her body that she deems appropriate, the most radical change was the size of her lips, which went from being very fine and thin to looking very large and marked. The social networks reacted automatically and the teenagers decided that injecting their lips was the next step.

Both sisters are different, Kendall has adopted a top model look, being a little more discreet than the rest of her sisters and redirecting herself to always look professional, since her field does not allow superfluous scandals and the contractual clauses are very specific.

On the other hand, Kylie maintains a very exuberant image, promoting a much more voluptuous figure, chameleonic hair, with an infinite color expression, short days and long days, with tight and suggestive clothes, always wearing infinite heels.

Both represent the modern sensation of women, many want to be like them and many others hate them, because they do not consider them relevant to current popular culture. The fact is that any style decision, sentimental or adventurous that the Jenner sisters decide, will be a trigger for the media who publish every last tweet or Snapchat that the girls make, causing total euphoria, which promotes their image.

It is important not to lose sight of them, since they have different but complementary styles, expressing all the types of tendencies that the women in their lives express.