The hand of Fatima esoteric and spiritual meaning (includes prayer)

The hand of fatima esoteric meaning The symbol of the «Hand of Fatima», also called Hamsá or Hamsá’s hand, is one of the most well-known esoteric symbols, especially throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It has been variously interpreted by scholars as a Jewish, Christian or Islamic following and even as a pagan symbol of fertility. The symbol dates back to cave paintings.

In modern times, the Hand of Fatima is made from a variety of materials and is often featured in jewelry, hung in the home, or as a larger design in Judaica.

The difference in all the images is what appears inside the hand, that is, there are several representations, between drawings and transcriptions, such as:

eye, generally the one that appears in all the images;
words of great vibrations.

Over time, this talisman was used by Eastern Antiquity as the main symbol of protection for the peoples of Islam and Judaism. It is also strongly associated with the protective Goddess of Carthage.

Regardless of how it is displayed, the amulet is believed to bring good luck and happiness. Let’s see, next, what is related to the hand of Fatima esoteric meaning.


The hand of fatima esoteric and spiritual meaning

Often the «Hand of Fatima» is decorated with an eye. It represents the eye that sees everything. The eye watches over the person in possession of the «Hand of Fatima» and warns and protects against bad encounters.

The «Hand of Fatima» also represents femininity, as it is shown as the sacred hand of women. In Jewish tradition it refers to the «Hand of Miriam», in reference to the sister of Moses and Aaron.

Each of the five fingers of the hand of Fatima has its meaning
Sawm – fasting;
Haji – pilgrimage.

The number five has additional symbolic meaning in the Jewish and Islamic traditions. Five (hamesh in Hebrew) represents the five books of the Torah for Jews. It also symbolizes the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, «Heh», which represents one of the holy names of God. It symbolizes the Five Pillars of Islam for Sunnis and the Five Persons of the Cloak for Shias.


The hand of Fatima for peace in the Middle East

In recent years, peace activists in the Middle East have embraced the hamsa hand. Because the symbology of the hamsa hand is believed to predate most modern religions, those who actively support a peaceful resolution of the ongoing Israeli conflict believe that using the hamsa hand highlights not only the similarities between Judaism and Islam , but also the similarities of the origins of religions. .

The hamsa symbol is believed to originate from an ancient Middle Eastern religion, and some Jews and Muslims use the hamsa as a gesture of hope, peace, and prosperity in Israel and other areas of the Middle East.


The hand of Fatima in Buddhism

Because of this belief, it is called Abhaya Mudra, also known as the holy hand posture. This means that the right hand extended upwards is related to spiritual elevation and mainly with the recognition of the existence of an internal God (higher self).


How to use the hand of Fatima

The Fatima Hand amulet can be worn both upside down and upside down.

Some lines of study of symbolism say that the hand up represents masculine energy and the feminine energy down.

In other lines, the position of the hand upwards refers to the sky, the spiritual world and downwards, the earth, the physical world.

The amulet can be used in various ways. The most common is to see people wear it through jewelry, as in the Fatima hand bracelet. It can also be seen on key chains, sculptures, paintings, fabric paintings, and tattoos.

Depending on where it is used, the Hand of Fatima provides a different type of protection:

As a keychain: Many people put it on the car key to protect the driver from accidents.

As a decorative piece: it is normally placed facing the door to prevent air from entering. the evil eye.

As an amulet: so that the person always carries it with them and scare away bad luck. In this case, the use in necklaces is the most appropriate, since it will more easily absorb the evil eye.

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As a tattoo: to wear the talisman on your own skin and protect yourself from the envy of others.

The Hand of Fatima can also be seen printed on T-shirts and various types of jewelry, from earrings to rings stylized in the shape of the little hand.


Prayer of the mighty hand of Fatima

The Hamsa prayer, “Do not allow sadness to come to this heart. May no problem come into these arms, May no conflict come into these eyes, May my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.”


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