The gods are a predominant feature of Greek mythology; however, within their myths and legends, the Greek goddesses and their powers have a preponderant role for everything they represented, not only for the home, life, nature or their links with man, among other aspects; but, because they could also be seen as experiences, facets or stages that mark the life of a woman. That is why knowing them leads us to identify with them and discover the goddess that resides in us; Next, learn about the main Greek goddesses and their powers:

Hera: Queen of the gods and wife of Zeus. She is the protective goddess of marriage and women, so she was able to bless or curse marriages and people, in addition to protecting women’s health. She is also said to have been able to control animals and procreate on her own. She is credited with her vengeful and jealous nature, Zeus’s frequent infidelities, and hatred for her mistresses and bastard children.

Hestia: The first daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. By her choice, I swear to always remain a virgin and, by virtue of that, her brother Zeus granted her the honor of becoming the goddess of home and family. So she would be in charge of maintaining harmony and happiness among family members, in addition to protecting cities and even the entire universe.

Demeter: Daughter of the titans Cronus and Rhea. She is the goddess of fertility, agriculture, the seasons and nature, so it protects the fields that are going to be sown to guarantee the harvests and the fertility of the land, although she is also one of the protective goddesses of marriage.

Sagebrush: Daughter of Zeus and Leto, She is the goddess of the house and, at the same time, protector of wild animals, although the protection of virginity, family and childbirth is also included among her powers.because he was the one who helped his mother give birth to his twin Apollo.

Aphrodite: Daughter of Zeus and Dione. She is a possessor of great beauty, like no other; She is not for nothing she is known as the goddess of love, beauty and sexual instinct. Like the other gods, she is immortal and can teleport, although one of her greatest powers is to arouse physical and sexual attraction in mortals and gods.

Athena: Daughter of Zeus and his first wife Metis. Like the goddesses Artemis and Hestia, she remained eternally a virgin, but, unlike them, she had a son named Erichthonius. She is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, in addition, she is the protector of artisans and women’s work. Being the favorite daughter of Zeus, he gave her the power to wield lightning and the aegis, an offensive and defensive weapon capable of eternally petrifying whoever looked at it.