The alchemist horoscope, also known as alchemical is based on the combination of numerology with metals. In ancient times, they believed that metals harbored energies, a theory that is still maintained, so they recommend using them to attract the positive energy that surrounds us or repel the negative.

To determine your sign in the alchemist horoscope it is necessary to add all the numbers of your date of birth, and reduce it to a single number, which will be associated with an element. For example, if a person was born on April 10, 1995, a simple mathematical operation is performed that would be 1+0+4+1+9+9+5, which would result in 29, which when added together would yield 11 whose digits are add up to get the number 2, which would be the alchemical number. In the event that the final figure resulted in a number ending in zero, this would be his number.

The metals are numbered to associate them with the figure obtained above, in this sense silver corresponds to the no. 1, to the iron the no. 2, to mercury the no. 3, to zinc the no. 4, to tin the no. 5, to lead the no. 6, to platinum the no. 7, nickel the no. 8, to gold the no. 9 and copper the no. 0.

Each of the metals gives the natives of the sign specific characteristics. Those who are born under the influence of «silver» are seductive and independent people, who do not accept limitations and love freedom. If the «iron» corresponds to him, his personality is combative, warrior and non-conformist, who will always say what he thinks and who has no fears.

«Mercury» makes people sociable, who like to experience and enjoy life. They are persuasive and can become possessive. While those born under the influence of «zinc» are impulsive, fair and optimistic and somewhat authoritarian people. In addition, they are usually hard-working and honest as well as responsible people.

If his metal is «tin», he tends to be a bit inconstant, being able to become irresponsible if he is not passionate about something. They are distracted people who do not finish what they start due to their lack of interest. For their part, those who have are born under the influence of «lead», are usually shy and sensitive people, who often cling to harmful situations or people.

While people ruled by «platinum», they are hardened people, who are born lucky and have a great talent to achieve what they set out to do. On the other hand, if your metal is «nickel», leadership will be one of the outstanding characteristics, achieving everything you set out to do. They are constant people and love to stand out in all aspects.

For their part, people who were born under the influence of «gold» are possessors of a special charm, they are passionate, interesting and faithful to the people they love. Finally, those born under the influence of «copper» are affectionate, thoughtful, generous and caring people, although they may seem fragile and shy, they are a whirlwind of positive energy that has a very particular style.