The techniques used by goldsmiths to make spectacular jewelery are very varied, filigree jewelry It is one of those techniques that allows the piece to be treated with the greatest possible delicacy.

With the filigree technique, jewels with designs and drawings similar to those of lace are made; It is a procedure that consists of the elaboration of very fine threads, where the main raw material is made up of precious metals, such as gold and silver.

The Egyptians, Greeks and Etruscans used this technique to work gold and silver, but it was the Byzantines who perfected this fine form of transform precious metals into delicate and exquisite jewelry; today this method is known as the Byzantine Brilliance; in medieval Europe of the fifteenth century, jewelry pieces such as crosses and lockets were made with filigree edges; In Spain this method is still valid in classic jewelry, especially in the south of the country where there are skilled goldsmiths specializing in this technique.

In Peru there is a city called Catacaos that has great filigree artisans, the skill with which they make each piece deserves recognition and that is that its craftsmanship, recognized nationally and internationally, gave it the title of «The Artisanal Capital of the Grau Region”, in this place you can request any object you want with the use of this technique; the silver filigree in Catacaos was named Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

Filigree is an ancient art that has been maintained through time, it arrived in South America in the colonial era, it preserves its tradition and generally the technique is transmitted from generation to generation; there are trends that have transformed the filigree style, adding volume to the piece, the elaboration process from its beginning is by handstarting with the casting of the precious metal into a thin solid cylindrical tube, then it is run through rollers and other special machines to start shaping it into thin filaments of the right thickness.

Each piece is made by hand, laboriously but with great delicacy and finesse so that the final result is a beautiful, fashionable and stylish jewel; it is a method that goes against industrial processes and mass production; One of the most predominant characteristics in the jewels that are made with this technique is that they are very light; her subtle appearance coming from the metal threads are a cult of femininity with their fine linear designs.

Jewelry is a passion for the enjoyment of women, the art of filigree in the hands of goldsmith artists creates a fusion between feminine natural beauty and the fine curves that the designer brings to each jewel.