The fidelity of the women of the sign: Cancer

Loyalty of Cancer women:

The Cancer woman is always disconcerting in matters of love. She is always the same: it is difficult to understand Cancer when it comes to love.

The Cancer woman is usually sincere, she likes to form a family and a nice relationship; but yes, she can be unfaithful. The cancer woman usually differentiates love from sex very well.

In any case, Cancer attaches great importance to family life and tradition. If she has very well formed moral values, she will be a faithful woman.

The Cancer woman will NEVER tolerate her partner being unfaithful.

Are Cancer women faithful?

Of the 12 signs, Cancer cares the most about a secure and loving relationship. The Cancer woman loves home and family and is not happy unless she has deep emotional ties.

The Cancer woman is usually very caring and tends to take good care of everyone she cares about.

Why would a Cancer woman cheat?

A Cancer woman would probably cheat out of revenge. It’s almost safe to say that Cancer is the most cheated sign rather than the one that really cheats. Being an emotionally driven water sign, deception is likely to be used as a weapon to inflict pain rather than joy and excitement.

When Cancer comes across someone of interest, they drop their hard shell and expose their soft inner core. The main sign of cheating would be this act in reverse – Cancer has closed the soft inside of it and leaves you outside with its hard shell indefinitely.

The Cancer woman’s reaction to being cheated on

Your Cancer woman won’t make you feel like a chicken attacked by a pack of hungry wolves when your affair is discovered. She will also not throw your clothes and belongings out of the house, and she will tell you to go to hell. In her place, the Cancer woman will choose to listen and remain calm as you spout a series of well-polished excuses and lies along with that “I’m so sorry” look on your face.

However, don’t assume that she is ready to forgive your infidelity and put it behind her. Forgiveness is not something she has in abundance for traitors who have trampled on her trust and insulted her intelligence. You will have to work really hard to get her to trust you, and this will most likely mean spending a small fortune and/or doing things you really hate.

I also want to warn you that women born of Cancer are deceptively silent. My friend, you will be reminded over and over again that you are a lying and cheating bastard husband or boyfriend… and be prepared to receive frequent scolding from your mother-in-law as well.

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Loyalty of the woman of:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
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