One-pieces have been all the rage in fashion for some time, since they are characterized by being comfortable, light garments, with a great variety of models and so versatile that they can be used by all women.. For being a one-piece wardrobe, It is used equally in formal and informal events, changing their appearance according to the footwear and accessories that are worn at that time.

In other words, jumpsuits are perfect if they know how to combine properly; everything will depend on the fabric, the design and the different accessories that are added to the clothes, transforming them into an elegant, casual, or sporty «look». The colors to choose in this type of clothing can be printed, neutral, pale, bright, with soft or denim fabrics, in short and long designs, as the moment warrants.

You have a great advantage when wearing a jumpsuit: you don’t have to worry about looking for another garment to be able to combine it, as it is a total wardrobe that covers almost the entire body. On the other hand, you will feel greater comfort than when you put on a dress; since they will be able to crouch down, or kneel down, without fearing that something intimate of their anatomy will be seen, because they are still pants.

Likewise, they are made for any figure; however, it is recommended choose the most convenient, which harmonizes with your body type. In the case of being plump, a wide jumpsuit would be better, with a soft fall and in dark colors; the models must be fitted to the hip, with a straight cut on the legs; just the opposite happens, when your body is slim, you can wear them tight with thick belts; although if you have a curvaceous silhouette, you should wear them slightly loose.

Also, if you want to hide your wide hips, a jumpsuit that follows the lines of your hips to the bottom is preferable, with a wide boot leg, trying to cause the same optical effect. In any case, the jumpsuits stylize a lot; but the ideal is add more accessories in the upper part, to divert the eyes towards that place; which will hide the excess of curves, in the middle zone.

Similarly, if your hips are narrow, choose jumpsuits with a V-neckline or scoop neckline, preferably sleeveless and with lots of volume from the hips. Another very important detail when putting on a jumpsuit is take into account your height; if your height is short, we advise you to use the short designs, but not mid-calf, as it would reduce size; however, if you decide on a long one, wear it with high heels; Regarding prints, you should not exaggerate in any of these cases, have models with medium figures.

The jumpsuits will make her look feminine, and always fashionable. She dares to wear them, complementing them with her favorite accessories, adapting them of course, to her style, in pieces that are at the forefront, as a charming trend.