Beyond a passing trend, bone necklaces are a social phenomenon that has impacted different countries. The fact that a girl can see the bones that make up the clavicle has been classified as something extraordinary among young women who are kept in constant attention of the latest fashion but at the same time it is a big headache for their families.

For example, In China, wearing a bone necklace or as it is also called «Collarbone» has managed to dignify extreme thinness, regardless of the method required to attain this chilling human garment. For some women it has been almost an obsession to be able to use their “Collarbone”.

The method to determine if you already have a necklace of bones is that you can hold different objects of various sizes such as coins on the clavicle bones. Even the authorities and specialists have come up with a #collarbones label, through which numerous and alarming photographs of different girls aligning themselves with this new trend are shown.

According to the psychologist Fernando Gómez, it is already known that “this fashion keeps the reason to fit in and be accepted in this social movement because the same society sells that being thin and pretty is happiness and success”. In addition to the fact of the «fitness» movement that has been shown as the last social line to follow with which the healthy benefit obtained has been left aside, to be trivialized with the aim of being popular and attracting attention.

“In this society, the one who looks good seduces – assures Gómez – the popular ones are the ones that look the best. All this influences people to say I want to look good, I want to find a partner and a better job. So, a person who is successful has to project that success by looking good and not being messy. because in this plastic society where we live we have to continue projecting beauty, even if we don’t have money”.

The alarms continue to be on, as anxiety and despair can make eating disorders and extreme diets qualify as the fastest way to reach the precious necklace of bonesalthough on the contrary they have more serious consequences that are not measured at the time, but that over time take an unparalleled toll.

The nutritionist Boris Dominguez affirms that it is more than proven that “if we deprive the body of some nutrient, problems such as cardiac arrest, skin infections, depression and irritability can occur, affecting both personality and interpersonal relationships.”.

The loss of certain capacities due to the lack of nutrients is a risk that derives from multiple facets of human life, so the adverse effects that extreme methods carry to abide by certain beauty postures must be carefully considered. Similarly, Dominguez urges us to reflect on the true reasons behind certain current hobbies, since well-being is about feeling good about who we really are.