In fact, they have been found the fabulous jewels of Helen of Troy, this beautiful woman, according to the story, who was the daughter of Zeus and Leda; In addition to being the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, but who was later kidnapped by Paris, one of the most famous characters in this epic story made by the great Homer, who is said to have lived in the eighth century before Christ. This event was the one that unleashed the famous Trojan War, which we are told in all the history books, and which brings to the fore a spectacular horse that we have seen many times in the most spectacular film productions.

When Paris decided to kidnap Helen of Troy, giving rise to the famous Trojan War, the great Aphrodite decided to compromise them, in exchange for the prize of a beauty contest where he was a judge; according to the stories that Homer makes in his work «The Iliad», who narrates the battle that took place in the 13th century before Christ; and that it was undertaken by the Greeks, led by Agamemnon, against the city of Troy; with the aim of rescuing the beautiful Helen of Troy; and return her to the arms of her husband Menelaus.

It should be noted that according to the stories made by Homer in his work Iliad, the occupation of the city of Troy lasted 10 years, until the famous Trojan Horse managed to surprise enter the city. Centuries passed, and this story remained valid over time, passing from generation to generation, and being of interest to historians and archaeologists, who for many centuries had wanted to find the lost city of Troy and with it the fabulous jewels of Helena of Troy, which would surely be a treasure of great historical, cultural and economic value.

Historical and epic tales mention the disappearance of the famous city of Troy, and with it the jewels of Helen of Troy; which have been sought for centuries, but it was not until the nineteenth century, when the German, Heinrich Schliemann, appears in the world public arena; who dedicated years of his life and his fortune to search for the jewels of Helen of Troy and of course this great city where the great battle recounted in The Iliad was fought.

Heinrich Schliemann is supposed to have found Troy in what is now Turkey, specifically in the small town of Hisarlik; ensuring that the great city was there, by finding the famous jewels of Helen of Troy and other archaeological finds; and despite the fact that all the archaeologists of the time maintained that Troy and the jewels of Helen of Troy were only a legend of mythology, however, Heinrich Schliemann was sure that it was a very real story, that Homer had described very well in his work The Iliad, which kept him very inspired for many years.

Another interesting fact of this story is based on the fact that these supposed jewels of Helen of Troy date back to 1600 years before the Trojan War took place; according to what current scientists wield, and that according to connoisseurs Heinrich Schliemann knew, but never wanted to admit it. But, despite the doubts that may exist about the authenticity of the jewels of Helen of Troy, as the main proof that the existence of Troy, this famous German had the merit of discovering the oldest traces that have been found of a civilization throughout Europe.

It should be noted that Heinrich Schliemann invested his entire fortune to find the treasure represented by the Jewels of Helen of Troy and of this great city described in The Iliad, and he was very sure that by making this enormous discovery, he was ensuring his future, and he would fulfill a dream he had had since he was just a child, when Homer’s work came into his hands and he was impacted by this story.

This is how this millionaire man with many influences undertook the arduous task of looking for the jewels of Helen of Troy, however, his plan was about to fail, because he was very imposing and lacked diplomacy, which He made the government of Turkey angry, demanding that he leave the country, however he did not give up on his intentions, and decided to establish contacts with influential people, since he specialized in showing a strong attitude with the weak, but he was very flattering with the powerful; which served him so that after 3 years he reached an agreement with the Turkish government, agreeing to give them 50% of the profits; thus obtaining the official permission of the government.

Thus comes the end of an interesting story, without there being a total certainty that the city found is precisely Troy, and the jewels belonged to the beautiful Helen of Troy. However, until now it is the story that is recognized as true, and it will be so until convincing data is shown that says otherwise.