The esoteric pentagram consists of a pentagonal star, is a polygon with five vertices, with 5 line segments drawn consecutively, which is also called the Pythagorean star, referring to Pythagoras, or pentalpha, pentacle or pentacle. It is called «pentalfa» because its drawing has five letters A, which in Greek is «alpha», and pentacle because it has five acute angles.

This esoteric pentagram has its basis in the science of ancient times when the Sumerians in Mesopotamia began to use it and it was considered fundamental by Pythagoras; who in turn observed and highlighted its relationship with the golden or gold number.

However, many scholars on the subject believe that this esoteric pentagram was first known and studied by the Babylonians; and then Pythagoras and his followers took it as an important part of his principles, calculations and theories, claiming an association of this regular pentagon with divinity, divine order or what we call «the cosmos».

This is how the esoteric pentagram has been given a scientific as well as a magical and mystical use: hence, in the world of magic, this polygon of 5 vertices, symbolizes the human being, if it is placed with its point upwards, and during the Middle Ages elongated staves were outlined; and later figures of human beings were drawn on them, just as the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci did, in his famous engraving of the Vitruvian Man.

If we take the esoteric pentagram into the world of science, we have to this geometric figure represents several mathematical laws; and in addition to having a close relationship with the golden or golden number, it is also the basis of the Fibonacci sequence, logarithms, the logarithmic spiral and fractals, among other mathematical calculations, which explain many natural phenomena.

It is convenient to speak then, of the relationship of the esoteric pentagram with the golden or golden number; which is called divine proportion or golden ratio, golden ratio, golden ratio, golden ratio, extreme and average ratio, golden mean; Y it is an irrational number, which is represented by the Greek letter φ (phi)relative to the Greek sculptor Phidias, although it is also represented with the Greek letter alpha (α).

Therefore, both the esoteric pentagram and the golden number, They are present in many elements of nature., as for example in the petals of many flowers, which are distributed according to the Fibonacci sequence, which means that there is an optimal distribution of the petals in the flowers. This happens in the seeds of the sunflower flower, whose distribution follows this sequence, which allows this plant to have more seeds than if they were arranged in another way, for example, linearly.

Another interesting example of the wonder of nature are the branches of the trees; that use the Fibonacci sequence, to distribute themselves in these; and when they are divided in two successively; They re-form this sequence. Likewise, hurricanes and spiral galaxies have a tendency to form a golden spiral; even the DNA of human beings, contains the golden number, and forms consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.

On the other hand, in the field of advertising design, the esoteric pentagram and the golden number, are found in a large number of products; for example it is in the current Google logo; as well as in the design of many images that are part of the logos of well-known products such as the iPod, which carries with it what is called the golden ratio.

As if that were not enough, that golden ratio that is related to the esoteric pentagram is present in the Parthenon, and was used by the renowned architect Le Corbusier, who captured it in his design for the United Nations Organization building. In the field of painting, this golden number was used by Leonardo Da Vinci in his works «La Gioconda» and «The Last Supper», while the great Michelangelo used it in his work «Creation of Adam»; in addition to being present in works such as Boticelli’s Venus and several works by Salvador Dalí.

This is how the esoteric pentagram brings with it a scientific explanation that is linked to the creation of the cosmos, with the essence and the divine order, so great geometric, scientific and magical properties are attributed to it, also based on the fact that all angles add up to «nine»cabalistic number of great importance in the esoteric plane, and for something Pythagoras used the golden number as a symbol of his initiation school, where it is emphasized that it is present in all objects that have a pentagonal shape.

Considering that the figure of the esoteric pentagram can be reproduced to infinity, the relationship of the number «phi», number of gold, or golden ratio with infinity is evident; where the field of infinite possibilities is found, which the human being must learn to manage in order to achieve not only material growth, but also mental and spiritual growth.