This enigmatic book of Thoth contains a large number of spells including understand what animals say Y perceive the gods. According to legend, whoever reads the contents of the book, will be able to decipher the secrets and dominate the earth, the air, the sea and the celestial bodies. It is considered a sacred and mysterious book by the ancient Egyptians and according to beliefs it was written by an ancient god.

According to historical records, this book belongs to a large collection of Egyptian books allegedly written by the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of writing and knowledge. Its content includes a large number of texts and beliefs attribute magical powers.

Fragments of the book of Thoth appear in several found papyri, belonging to the Ptolemaic period. It was cited in the Turis papyrus that was published in Paris in the late 18th century and describes an assassination attempt on a pharaoh, through various spells taken from the Book of Thoth.

The various compilations that have been made, allow us to presume that it is a story in which there is a dialogue between the god Thoth and a disciple eager to know, although it also reflects another god, possibly Osiris, who also talks with the disciple According to Manetho, the god Thoth wrote 36,525 books, while others claim it was only 20,000.

According to legend, the book is in an iron box, which contains a bronze box, which in turn contains another of keté wood, another of ivory and ebony, a silver box and a gold box, in which the book is protected, in the middle of the Koptos river. It is said that around the iron box there are a large number of snakes and scorpions that no man can kill.

The story affirms that an ancient Egyptian prince named Neferkaptah decided to recover it and for this he fought against the snakes and scorpions managing to recover it, however it is said that he suffered as punishment, the death of his wife Ahwere and his son Merib, therefore Neferkaptah he took his own life and they claim that he was buried along with the book.

Legend has it that Setne Khamwas, years later, stole the book from the tomb, despite opposition from the ghost of Neferkaptah. The story goes that Setne met a beautiful woman who seduced him into killing his children and humiliating himself before the pharaoh, however he realized that it was an illusion and decides to return the book to the tomb.

According to the father of the church Clement of Alexandria, this book contains the Egyptian philosophy, and affirms that they were written by Hermes, the Greek god, whom they compare with Thoth, although others assure that it is the same god due to their similar characteristics.

To date it is unknown if the book exists or is only the product of an Egyptian legend, however it has been the subject of many studies that try to determine its veracity and verify its magical powers.