The elephant as an amulet has Hindu origin, and is used in rituals as a sign of prosperity represented by the god «Ganesha», who personifies intelligence, talent and wisdom. This Hindu deity with the head of an elephant, began to transform into the symbol that we currently know, in the middle of the 20th century; this incarnation of good luck transported all his fame to the western world; then, it began to be worn in figures made of jade, silver, ebony, ivory and other precious minerals.

For the amulet to bring prosperity, it must be in a certain position; for which he should be standing, in a marching posture, with his trunk raised. By keeping the snout in that position, good luck is prevented from escaping.

This unique amulet is worn around the neck, making it a personal protector, taking advantage as a beautiful jewel in different materials, and in addition, it is placed inside the houses, facing the main door. By doing all this, the environment is freed from possible disasters and calamities, giving good fortune to the inhabitants of that dwelling.

However, it is also known by many people that elephant amulets give long life, good luck and free from envy. In addition, they reinforce the strength to be resistant to misfortune; and at the same time, the people who use these amulets, acquire firmness, patience and tenacity; For this reason, this powerful relic is considered as a spiritual impetus, which opens the paths and destroys all the obstacles that arise.

Likewise, the elephant is revered for its longevity, great memory, and drive. In his skin everything slips, which means that we are protected with a shell of resistance that does not go beyond weaknesses; namely, everything negative used against us will never give results; instead, we will always conquer good fortune, and we will never be unprotected in the face of life.

It has become customary for elephants used as amulets in homes or businesses to have a folded low-denomination bill tied to their trunks, which will allow it to be multiplied by a hundred, as many times as it is folded lengthwise and it will be multiplied a hundredfold in a thousand, folding widthwise. This will be done on the 29th of each month, withdrawing exactly the same day of the following month, changing for another and immediately spending the one that was in the tube.

However, elephant amulets have different meanings, depending on the culture or country they represent. In Thailand for example, when the trunk is down it means stability in the home and for the Chinese The green jade elephant helps perfect luck and love.

Elephant amulets will surely enchant you to have them in your home and take them with you, like a powerful jewel; as they establish prosperity, stability, and love. They will protect you according to your faith, against bad energies, giving you well-being.