Experts claim that the egyptian tarot which is the oldestsince it was in ancient Egypt where the divinatory arts began to be practiced, in addition to the hieroglyphs that can be seen on the cards that are used today.

In this tarot are reflected the ancestral symbolism and the knowledge of the wise men of Egypt present in each of the cards through hieroglyphs, stars, numerology and the cabal. They are also ideal for predicting the future, because it takes us to the three planes, the spiritual, the mental and the physical.

It is composed of 78 cardsof which 22 are called Major Arcana and one of them represents the number zero. These major arcana are divided into three groups, associated with the moral, physical, and intellectual worlds.

Twelve o’clock of them represent the signs of the zodiac, seven represent the solar system planets Y three Are the main cardsWhat are they The magician shows that not everything that the human being does is true but that it can be an illusion; Crazysymbolizing the unconscious and the separation between good and evil and Deathwhich symbolizes everything we are will one day end.

The minor arcana are the remaining 56 cardswhich represent humanity and the experiences of life. They are grouped in 4 suits What are they cups, swords, coins and clubswhich represent social classes.

the cups they represent nobility, science, priesthood, intelligence and love. They symbolize the Egyptian people and divinity. His sign is the color ruby ​​and a chalice.

Swords they represent sovereignty, militia, passion, pain and sorrow. They symbolize vigilance, fighting and warriors. His sign is a sword and his color is red.

the golds they symbolize money, merchants and physical relationships. Commercial relationships and links between people are associated with this suit. His sign is a sun stamped on a gold coin and his color is blue.

the clubs They represent agriculture, work and possession. It symbolizes everything that supplies the basic needs of the human being. His symbol is a club and his color is yellow.

Each suit is grouped into ten number cards and four face cards.: the king, the queen and lady, the knight or the horse and the jack, and the combination of them have different meanings, both in the tarot and in numerology, since all the cards, they are numbered from 1 to 77 and they can be interpreted by the associated number, by the sum of the numbers or independently each number of the figure.

Each Egyptian love tarot card has a different meaning and it varies according to the cards that are around it and if it is right or wrong, being one of the most accurate and reliable in queries about love and relationships of any kind.