You receive a notification and with great emotion you open it, then you see the comment «follow me and I’ll follow you» again. Has it happened to you? This is a technique used in different social networks to get more followers or “followers”.

So we ask ourselves, why do they want a stranger to follow them? You should know that the intention of these idlers is to monopolize the largest number of followers on the networks, to feel satisfied or to achieve economic benefits. You must bear in mind that those who engage in this practice follow you for a few hours and then stop following you, because their intention is not to hear from you, to know your deepest thoughts, or to see your publications; Winning you as a follower is all they want. They use you and then they discard you, however you must recognize that it works, otherwise why would they continue to do it?

No matter where you are, your language or tastes, in any part of the world the witty will always manage to get what he wants. It is important not to fall for these provocations, even so some positive aspects of the practice can be extracted.

In order for your social network accounts (whether personal or business) to achieve a great reception from other users, you must take into account certain aspects that experts in visual interaction conclude:

  • Good spelling: it will help you correctly convey what you want to say. It generates a visual appeal on its own.
  • Define a theme: in this way those interested in this line will be motivated to follow you; remember that the post must have something to say.
  • Always be original: it is the best way to capture the audience.
  • The «feedback» It is very important: interact with your followers, let them know that you are active on the networks. Answer their doubts or simply comment on your opinions.
  • An image and a biography are important: this way you can reflect the authenticity of your identity.
  • Update your network constantly: do not disappear for more than two days.
  • If there is news about the topic you handle, society or tastes, express yourself!: You will be able to establish a degree of empathy and at the same time you will inform your followers.
  • Uses «hashtags” o Labels: they will give your publication a greater diffusion.
  • If you have defined the audience you want to capture, you should craft your posts around them.
  • Define the best social network to use as a message magnifying strategy, especially in the case of business accounts.

In the end it’s not just about asking for followers or returning a «follow” To return the favor, you must make correct and conscious use of your social networks, which will make people who identify with you feel pleasure and satisfaction in following you.