Virgin goddess of the hunt, the cult of Artemis spread throughout Ancient Greece. Always represented on a wild stage, Artemis was considered queen of the woods and of the countryside. Delos, Brauron, Munichia, and Sparta were built their most important centers of worship. Surrounded by a natural and jovial halo, Artemis was also known in other regions such as Etole, Eginea, and Agroteraeach of his divine abilities being highlighted, on which the Greeks faithfully surrendered.

Part of Artemis cult had in consideration Athenian teenage girls approaching marriageable age. It was customary to send the young women to the center of Brauron, so that they would serve the goddess there. During that period they were known as ‘Oseznas’being varied the way in which this title arose.

The first story tells that a bear used to visit the city of Brauron. Seeing him, people used to feed him, being little by little more friendly with human contact, until one day, a girl provoked him and he killed her. The little girl’s brother he wanted to collect his deathgiving the same ending to the animal. When Artemis found out, she angrily demanded that all the girls work in her temple as a way to atone for the death of the animal.

a second story account that After the death of the bear, an unparalleled plague struck the entire region of Athens. desperate, the villagers asked the oracle for help, which was the common medium for communication between gods and mortals. In response to the terrible disease, the omen was that to make amends for the slaughter of the animal, all the young women were to be called bear cubs.

According to the festivals that were celebrated in his honorArtemis is known to be born on the sixth day of the month, this being a special date for all his parishioners, who celebrated in his honor dressing little girls in saffron robes, and making them imitate little bear cubs, in Brauron; the feast of Artemis Saronia, celebrated in Thirteenafter the king sharon ordered to build a temple in honor of the Greek goddessin gratitude for saving his life when he was in the middle of a hunt; with the Metagynion, moment that lent itself to the realization of sacrifices in honor of Artemis.

Among the symbols and attributes that were related to the Artemis cult they know him bows and arrows, since according to Homeric Hymn in his honor, this goddess always walked with them armed, being able to give instant death to women and girls. Another essential element, according to ‘Ovid’s Metamorphosis’ were the spears and nets of Artemisbeing especially popular in the area of aetolia. On the other hand, it was also common to recognize the deity above his chariot made of gold, and drawn by four deer with dazzling antlers.