The Cross of Caravaca: All about it

The Cross of Caravaca is used as an amulet of protection and good omens. It is said that its power is greater when it is obtained as a gift and not when it is purchased. Once you have it, it is recommended that you receive the blessing and purification with holy water.

Although there are different versions of the Cruz de Caravaca, the most common has the archangels, San Miguel and San Gabriel, supporting its base. In the middle crucified, Jesus is found as a symbol of sacrificial love

History of the Holy Cross of Caravaca

The current Cross of Caravaca is a reproduction of the original that was stolen in 1934. Five years later it was replaced by the current one, inside which are some small pieces of the Lignum Crucis, therefore originating from the Cross on which he died. Jesus Christ. Regarding the exalted figure of Jesus, we must indicate that the double transverse line corresponds to the double sacrifice as a God and as a man, that is, the duality of the total dedication for the rest of humanity and the planet.

Its appearance dates back to the year 1231 when King Tarifa Abuzath reigned in Caravaca, who, having gathered a large number of prisoners, proceeded to ask them about their origins and work. A Catholic priest who was among them made himself known in his ecclesiastical condition, for which Abuzath felt special interest requesting that a mass be celebrated in order to know the ceremony.

The priest, whose name was Ginés, agreed to it as long as all the ornaments and altar for that purpose were provided. When gathering everything, they realized that the main thing was missing, the Cross, and what was the surprise of all those gathered there when they saw two angels descend from heaven carrying the double-lined cross that was carefully left on the altar in where the sacred sacrifice was then celebrated. They say that from then on the Cross of Caravaca continued to appear in various places and in various circumstances, performing great miracles, prodigies and healings. Its extraordinary power has achieved and continues to achieve that millions of people place their faith in it, thus magically increasing its effects.

The Cross of Caravaca in spiritism

The meaning of the Caravaca cross in spiritism is used to repel everything that is negative energies that can affect people. They are generally recommended to protect as any evil intention such as voodoo practices, pacts with negative entities of another person to affect you.

In general, in spiritism it is recommended to carry the Caravaca cross as an amulet, in this way you can protect the different places where you go.

There are people who talk about the Caravaca cross meaning satanic, this is nothing more than a cross created by people with dark intentions to counteract the power of the original. However, this does not have the same effect as the one blessed by the archangels.

So you can conclude that the Caravaca cross is not bad, in any case it is the opposite of bad. It is a powerful amulet of protection.

Use of the Caravaca cross

The meaning of the Cross of Caravaca is related to its strange shape. It is not a classic cross, but it is intended to refer to the two planes that man can inhabit: the material plane (represented horizontally) and the spiritual plane (represented vertically).

The Cross of Caravaca as an amulet

The Cross of Caravaca has an infinite power of protection and good omens. The esoteric meaning of the Cross is the crossing of the spirit (vertical line) and the material plane (horizontal line), resulting in man, who is a being that moves in the material plane with the option of ascending or descending spiritually. It is used in different esoteric rituals because it is an extremely effective amulet, it provides protection against all kinds of evil, protects the home and its inhabitants, rejects bad energies and damage, protects the family economy and provides prosperity.

The Cross of Caravaca is Satanic

Apart from being a religious symbol, La Cruz de Caravaca is a mystical object that is also used in esoteric practices and exorcisms. It is then an object of deep popular or esoteric devotion. There is a whole mystical world that moves millions of euros around the sacred relic.

That they changed it for a magical object, which prevents the evil eye, protects against all kinds of evil, performs rituals to purify it together with the Christian symbol turned into a pagan amulet, and many books to make spells with the Magic Cross and a series of practices to get rid of spells in conjunction with the cross.

Prayer to the cross of caravaca to be lucky

This prayer to the Cross of Caravaca should be done for 7 nights in a row before going to bed. Remember to touch the cross before praying. At the end, make your request and then pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Holy Cross of Caravaca

I welcome your great power

so that your strength away from my life

any sickness or disease that affects me

and remove everything that afflicts me.

O heavenly cross

by the power of good,

deliver me from all evil.

May the Lord incline his ear to my plea.

with what I pray love

and understanding for my health.

Guide me, Santa Cruz de Caravaca,

in the day to day of my earthly life enlighten me.

Take care of me in the moments

most dangerous of my life

especially when my health is weak.

I beg you, blessed Holy Cross,

may your support come into my life

and i feel fine

to continue to maintain

my willpower and my health.