from prehistoric times there are traces of a kind of light around the figures drawn in their caves, which suggests the colors of the aura; Living beings are surrounded by an electromagnetic luminescence that varies according to their mood and physical state.

In the knowledge of esoteric customs, the human aura is linked to light, sunlight and the colors of the rainbow; For centuries, physicians and philosophers such as Galen and Paracelsus spoke of the presence of a luminous substance that bathes the universe.

Yellow indicates great intellectual and spiritual faculty, its properties are clarity, brightness, although joy is boring, without content; this color also guards the end of life, old age, the approach to death, in its ocher tone it is a step before black, which is death.

Red reveals a healthy energy, strength, passion, domain, when it is visualized as stripes where the organ is, it is a sign that it is totally healthy; if it is clear, with the edges of a light yellow, it says that its owner is compassionate with his fellow men, it can be said that it is a good color.

Pink and violet come together as a symbol of intuition and spirituality, it is observed in people with a calm life, always relaxed in the face of problems, says that the person has achieved a balance between the spiritual and the material.

Orange is a variation of red, but being a shade of enormous importance in the East, ideal people have it. to be teachers and spiritual guides, they can give advice and help; Yes it is dominant, that color is usually accompanied by a yellow halo, which then turns gold, revealing that he is a great spiritual teacher.

Green is the color of healing, teaching, denotes diplomacy and ease in dealing with people, if it is mixed with red it means that there is competition at work and indicates great surgeons; combined with blue indicates that the person observed may be an educator and achiever, belongs to someone who is friendly and considerate of others.

the blue tint indicates spirituality, loyalty, intellectual ability, constancy, youth; if it is light, it denotes a lack of drive in decision-making, if it is dark, it corresponds to a person who is making progress, hardworking and who has had satisfaction at work.

Gray is a tone of malaise, of illness; a person with a very painful migraine will have a grayish mark crossing the aura at the level of the head with pulsations following the rhythm of the pangs of the migraine.

Before trying to see another’s aura, practice first seeing yours in front of a mirror that is better full-length, behind a white wall, with a distance of three meters or so; relax and concentrate, fix your eyes between your eyebrows, wait until you start to see the aura little by little, you will be observing more colors until you see a multitude of nuances.