Many do not know what the color palette that best suits your skin tone. What can represent a problem when choosing an outfit, the color of the hair dye or the makeup that we want to use. Since, it may be that we choose shades that are not the ones indicated for us. Therefore, we bring you a series of tips so that you can choose the color palette ideal.

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How do you know what the right color palette is?

To find out which is the color palette that best suits us according to our skin tone, there is colorimetry. This is a study based on Color Theory. It analyzes physical characteristics of people: eyes, hair and skin. Resulting in a series of colors that favor the factions and help to look impressive. Color compatibility is expressed in four basic color palettes and is determined by temperature and contrast.

How to know what temperature my skin tone is?

The temperature will determine which colors are more flattering. And, when we talk about temperature, we are not referring to cold or heat, but to the measurement of the dominant hue of a light source that is perceived as white. It sounds complex, but it is very easy to determine what the temperature of our skin is.

To measure our temperature we will need two fabrics, they can be t-shirts or any piece of fabric. We will choose one that is white and another in a beige or subtly yellow color. We will place ourselves in a place where we receive natural light and have a mirror in front of us to look at ourselves.

Well, we are going to place the cloth next to our face without makeup. It can be under the chin, very close to us. We are going to observe very carefully with which of the two fabrics our face looks more illuminated. Likewise, we will see with which imperfections such as skin spots are accentuated.

So, if we feel that the face lights up more with the yellowish fabric, our skin tone is warm temperature. If, on the contrary, this happens with white fabric, our skin tone is of cold temperature. If no matter how hard you try it, you don’t notice any difference, our skin is of neutral temperature, so all colors look wonderful on us.

We can also do this with such metallics, such as silver and gold, we just have to make sure that the silver is as silver and shiny as possible, as well as the gold, which should not be orange or yellow.

Another very simple test consists of observing the veins that we have in our forearm. If when seeing them in daylight, we notice that they are in greenish tones, neutral skin is warm. And, if blue tones are noticeable, the color temperature of our skin is cold.

How to know the contrast of my skin tone?

Another determining factor when choosing the color palette for our skin tone it is the contrast. This subdivides temperature into two groups. And it will be determined depending on whether, more or less intense, the contrast between the eyes, the eyebrows and the hair in relation to the color of the skin.

This is how, if we have light skin, but black hair, eyebrows and eyes, we have a strong contrast. Just like we have dark skin and light hair and eyes. But, if we have dark skin and dark hair, eyebrows and eyes or we are fair skinned, blonde hair and light eyes, we do not have significant contrasts.

These differences in contrasts give rise to the two palettes that subdivide the two types of temperatures. The two subdivisions are called as the four seasons. The cold ones are winter and summer, while the warm ones are autumn and spring.

  • Winter: Cool color temperature + strong contrast.
  • Summer: Cool color temperature + low contrast.
  • Fall: Warm color temperature + strong contrast.
  • Spring: Warm color temperature + low contrast.

What are the seasons in the color palette?

Color palettes are divided into the four “seasons” that we mentioned earlier. Each one has their own colors that will be in harmony with their skin tone, hair and eyes. These will help determine what color to use to make up, dress or which accessories are going to fit us better.


The people of this season are warm and bright. His skin has a yellow undertone, a luminous appearance. They have blonde, golden blonde, auburn blonde, and warm brown hair. Light, green, blue, turquoise, light hazel eyes. As well as beige skin tone, beige with freckles, ivory or golden beige.

Bright, light colors favor her: shades ranging from beige to dark brown, light blue or a medium shade of navy blue, ivory, beige, red-orange, yellow or apricot, aqua green, anise green, soft pink. Metals: Bright gold. In addition, the light warm yellow, the range of salmon and coral pinks, apple green, intense green and aquamarine. Some celebrities of this season are Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.


The women of this group are warm opaque. Also yellow skin undertone, dull appearance. Skin tone: Ivory, beige, peachy beige, often have freckles, and there are also darker skin types such as olive, golden olive, bronze, and reddish black. The eyes usually vary from brown, greenish or grayish brown, olive brown, hazel and green.

The best colors for this palette are warm colors like gold, copper, and bronze. Also warm yellow, orange, orange-red, brick, brown, beige, cream, warm green, dry green and moss green tones. Metals: Semi-bright gold. Some celebrities of this season: Emma Stone and Sofia Vergara.


Those of this group are cold opaque. They have a bluish-red skin undertone. Pink beige skin, ivory or cold beige skin, soft, opaque and smooth. light to medium colored fine hair, dark blonde, ash blonde and light ash blonde. Light to medium, light blue, gray and greenish gray eyes.

Best colors are those with a blue or pink base and cool pastels such as light blue, pink, pastel aqua green, silver, the range of grays and blues. Yellow-based colors do not favor them. Metals: opaque silver. Some celebrities with this color palette: Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Those of this group are cold luminous. Bluish-red skin undertone, bright appearance. Luminous and shiny skin, cool beige, light olive, brunette or bluish black. Black, dark brown and medium brown hair. Brown, reddish brown, dark brown, hazel, olive, light blue or bright green eyes.

The best tones for this color palette are cold and intense ones such as white, black, gray or silver. Also pinks, fuchsias, violets, dark greens and blues in all their range, red, magenta, emerald. Earth or pastel colors do not favor them. Metals: Bright silver. Some celebrities with this color palette: Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway.