the charm of snakes in jewelry is a reason that many people choose to wear itwithout there being an apparent desire that represents something special, but the only pleasure of using and possessing them.

Over the years the symbolic figure of the snake has been present in the history of jewelry giving rise to a large number of variants, in the Chinese horoscope they consider it an intuitive, enigmatic, introspective and especially refined sign; They also consider that their presence inside a house supposes, for the family that lives there, the security that they will never lack means of subsistence.

Chopard has a very special watch in 18-carat rose gold made according to the ancient techniques of Japanese lacquering known as Urushi. On the dial of this watch entirely hand-painted, made with the traditional technique, there is a flowering bush, a symbol of good luck and around it, a golden serpent is entwined; The result is an elegant, extra-flat watch with an automatic mechanical movement..

At the time, the fine watchmaking and jewelry firm Bulgari launched a collection called Serpenti, where bracelets, rings and watches were intertwined; mother of pearl, gold, onyx and diamonds were also used to further highlight the beauty of these original jewels, on the other hand, they have a bracelet that they make to order in white gold and diamond pavé and to measure.

The well-known Spanish jeweler with a great professional career, Anil Arjandas, loves rings made of oxidized silver and brilliant browns. Among all the models, the one that stands out the most is one of two intertwined snakes, the diamond size being exclusive to the Rose firm. cute Icy brown. (sf)

In the past, snake-shaped rings were used against illness and health problems, hence the image that identifies the Pharmacy career is precisely a snake as a symbol of long life.

In our days it is possible to see reproductions of the first rings, pendants and bracelets of antiquity which had snakes as amulets, so if you see one and you like it, buy it because it doesn’t do anything weird, in any case, you’ve bought some history; the less credulous, assure that to be effective, the snakes must be made of gold or silver, but the important thing is that you feel when you have that amulet in your hands, because some folklorists affirm that just by drawing a snake and keeping the paper, magic and protection come into your life.

In Zimbabwe, they protect tourists who are going to canoe down the Zambezi River with the god Nyami-Nyami, or serpent god and to take care of them, they hang it around their neck, remember anyway, that as an amulet or talisman, the magic is inside him and gives him all his power.