This card represents the actual way that should be done in the search for inner metamorphosis. The route which passes the car is paved with gold. This energy carefully weigh the possible consequences before you start something new; but once you decide on track, there is nothing that can stop you.

Imminent changes will be accompanied by emotion and excitement ahead. With each new beginning, it is left behind the dull routine of everyday life; and in doing so it recharges of renewed energy that inspires and multiplies ideas, allowing to perform several activities at once, without neglecting the highest ideals. Trust in the power and inner truth becomes larger and deeper; negativities disappear giving path to the realization of the objectives and desired goals.

In particular: in the spell, this great arcane has a positive meaning. He speaks of successes in all fields of life, especially in love and business. He can also be referred to travel and commuting. It is beneficial for any situation, portends victory and control over the designs of nature. Projects and rapid conquests.

At work: “The Chariot” tarot card ensures a loose economic position; flow of money coming into your hands easily. It is the fruit of your hard work finally manifested in your physical reality. It can also mean the conquest of a job or a salary increase. That is, the expected opportunity comes, do not let it go, success will come quickly.

Money: Many influx of money which is spent with the same ease as earned

In friendship: Always surrounded / a good people, but not exclusively; changing relationships.

Family: Many unity and affection, but from time to time.

In health: positive test results, diagnoses and all kinds of operations. It is the end of a disease, or at least a considerable improvement. While you should be especially careful with your legs.

love: a love conquest will end in a lasting romantic relationship; It can refer to a relationship, or marriage. The moral intentions of the loved person are serious and there is no worry, as it will be full of good feelings, clarity, projects, commitment, sensuality and sexuality.

When this card is reversed is indicating that you should be cautious to avoid a car accident. It can also indicate frustration of job or business type. A person leans back, and does not help. Failure of a business, a job layoff. Obviously, the car reversed, is a card of negative meaning, especially if it is accompanied by other negative cards, for example, “The Tower”.