One of the first recommendations that a nutritionist makes when starting a dietary regimen is to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, this is because alcohol is full of unnecessary or empty calories.

It is important that you consider that the energy contribution of each gram of alcohol is 7 kilocalories, which is equivalent to a large hamburger. For this reason, we offer you information on the caloric intake of different alcoholic beverages.

Rum is distilled from the fermentation of sugar cane and is one of the most fattening. By itself it contains 231 kcal per 100 ml and when mixed with sweet drinks its energy intake increases. For its part, White Rum will provide 231 kilocalories.

A 50ml glass of gin to which a 200ml tonic drink is added, contains 190 kilocalories. However, the calories you consume will be proportional to the number of glasses you drink on each occasion.

A normal beer contains 148 caloriesHowever, those that do not have alcohol considerably reduce their caloric intake. For its part, whiskey with ice can contain 200 kilocalories for each 100 ml glass consumed. Remember that this drink is obtained from the combination of fermented grain malt.

take a tequila Alone, it does not represent a substantial contribution of calories, however when combined with juices, flavorings or fruits and sugar, as in the case of cocktails, its caloric contribution increases. Vodka provides around 200 kcal per 100 mlhowever its calories increase depending on the combinations that are used.

Sweet liqueurs usually have a large amount of calories, for example, coffee liqueur, is made from Irish whiskey and milk cream, with a contribution of 327 kilocalories per 100 ml glass.

Other prepared drinks such as the «White Russian», made with vodka, coffee liqueur and milk creamwill provide 428 kilocalories per 100 ml glass. While a «Cosmopolitan» that includes vodka and an acid fruit, provides 312 kilocalories; Anise has 297 calories, and Cognac, 280 calories.

Cocktails such as the “Piña colada” or the fruit “Daiquiri”, are capable of providing 230 calories per glass, since in addition to containing alcoholic beverages they contain fruit and sugar.

Calories provided by alcoholic beverages, are quickly stored as abdominal fat therefore, ingesting 3 or 4 glasses of alcoholic beverages represents consuming all the calories recommended for a day of food.

If you cannot avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, prefer those with fewer calories such as cider (40 calories per 100 ml), Red Wine (100 calories per 150 ml glass) or champagne (68 calories per 100 ml).

Remember that excessive alcohol consumption can also cause addiction, liver disease, so experts recommend that you prefer a sparkling wine or a glass of red wine.