The Italy tourist destinations they are abundant and this is not a secret to anyone. It is one of the most popular countries in the world to vacation, for various reasons. These include beautiful towns and cities, rich historical sites, amazing food, beautiful scenery, fashion and of course lots of art. So this European country has so much to offer that it would take us a lifetime to go from end to end.

Venice, Image by Jörg Peter on Pixabay

With so many options, choosing some places to visit can also be difficult. However, although we may not do justice, we took on the task of bringing together those that in our opinion are the best Italy tourist destinations.


This famous city with romantic atmosphere is definitely one of the Italy tourist destinations that we must visit once in a lifetime. A unique city connected by hundreds of beautiful bridges and scenic canals, of which the most beautiful is the great canal that divides the city in two. So it will be impossible to visit Venice and not fall in love with the gondolas, the bridges and the sea.

But it is not the only thing, since we can also find impressive palaces full of history and beautiful gardens cared for with care and detail. As well as historical monuments such as St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, the Rialto Bridge, delicious food and fashion everywhere.


This city is known for its rich artistic history and impressive architecture, as well as the fashion and glamor that permeates it. For what is known worldwide as the capital of fashion, being full of designer stores. In Milan, lovers of art and culture can enjoy famous works such as The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci and Teatro La Scala, one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.

Within the architectural heritage of the city, the Castello Sforzesco and the Dome stand out, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world. But if you are looking to taste typical Italian specialties like pizza, gelato, pasta or risotto, this is the city to visit.


Another of the Destinations tourist of italy and that no one can miss is Rome. The city is a world-renowned cultural and historical powerhouse. Here you will find the most important relic of the Roman Empire (the Colosseum), some of Michelangelo’s greatest works (in the Sistine Chapel), the best food in Italy (Rome is home to many Michelin-starred restaurants), and of course, the center of Catholicism (the Vatican).

amalfi coast

Getting to the cliffside Amalfi Coast is certainly a trek, but travelers say the journey is well worth it. The region covers more than two dozen miles of coastline and is home to 13 colorful beach towns, each with its own unique history. Positano and Amalfi are the two most popular and are home to numerous hotels and restaurants. While you’re here, walk around, relax on the beach, and eat to your heart’s delight (there are several Michelin-starred restaurants in this region).


Florence feels like a small city in Italy, although it is the exact opposite. Located in the picturesque valley of Tuscany, Florence is lined with lovely avenues that lead to picturesque squares large and small. As you take in the splendor of the city, be sure to stop by Piazza del Duomo, home to the impressive eponymous church, and the romantic Ponte Vecchio overlooking the River Arno, preferably at sunset.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, located on the northern coast of Liguria in Italy, is made up of five colorful seaside towns nestled seamlessly into the region’s cliffside terrain. It’s not as well known for its beaches as the Amalfi Coast, but it still offers a host of amazing activities, with boating and hiking being the main highlights in the area. While you’re here, save time for the Sendero Monterosso waterfront hike.


If you are looking for one of the Italy tourist destinations without the crowds, Tuscany is the place to go. Italy’s famed countryside is truly all that it appears to be, offering travelers spectacular scenery dotted with romantic secluded villas and castelli (castles) that are home to wineries and fine dining. Plus, Tuscan spots like Pisa and Siena are just a short drive from top destinations like Bologna and Cinque Terre, perfect for those who don’t want to stay in one place for too long.


For centuries, this small island in southern Italy has attracted many famous faces, from emperors to movie stars, due to its beautiful scenery. Some of Capri’s most amazing sights are best seen by boat, including the Faraglioni rock formations and the Blue Grotto, where sunlight turns the water an incredibly vivid shade of blue. On land, Villa Jovis, formerly inhabited by the Roman emperor Tiberius, and the Gardens of Augustus offer more spectacular views. And in the city center, visitors will find high-end shops and restaurants.


As the site of various ancient Greek legends, Sicily has an almost mythical quality. Once you visit, you’ll see why so many writers were inspired by this island, which happens to be the largest in the Mediterranean. Let yourself be enchanted by the crystal clear blue waters and black sand beaches of Sicily. Marvel at Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, or try climbing it in summer or skiing in winter. Also save time to enjoy the many cultures that have called this island home in its various cathedrals and archaeological sites.


You cannot think of Italy without also thinking of its delicious cuisine. So why not visit the city credited with being the birthplace of pizza, one of Italy’s most popular culinary creations? Along with its famous food, Naples is home to some incredible art, most of which can be seen at the Sansevero Chapel Museum and the Naples National Archaeological Museum. Travel below the city to see Napoli Sotterranea (Naples Metro), a network of tunnels and underground chambers built by the ancient Greeks and Romans.