The best spells and incantations to attract him into your life –

Here we present the most effective spells and spells to attract money into your life. Do them with a positive mind and you will be given everything you want. Keep reading us.

Spell with rice and candles to attract money

For this spell you will need two glass jars with lids, two green candles, two handfuls of rice, and six grains of black pepper. You must do this ritual on Tuesday.

Boil the two jars in water to sterilize them and remove impurities that might interfere with the ritual or spell.

Let them dry completely, and once done, put in each one a handful of uncooked uncooked rice, and three peppercorns.

Light a green candle in front of each jar and, when an hour has passed, blow them out – never blowing -.

Put each candle in each jar, and take one jar with its candle to your kitchen, and the other jar and its candle to your living room or dining room.

Leave it in a visible place, not hidden, and when you have managed to attract the money you wanted, throw the candles.

To attract quick money


  • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • A dried orange peel
  • A liter of water and a green candle.


Put the cinnamon, the orange peel and the liter of water to boil; then let the mixture sit and cool. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Light the candle in the living room of your house and sprinkle all the rooms while you repeat: “Lord, assist me at this time to progress in my life, so that my paths may open. Give me clarity and perseverance to achieve my purposes. So be it, so be it, so it is.»

When you finish, leave the candle burning for at least an hour, but if you leave it longer, the ritual will be faster and more effective. To turn it off, do not blow on it as the ritual loses its effect. You must do it every Tuesday and Thursday after 6 pm, for as long as you like.

Plants to attract money

If you want to see how your income increases progressively and you also want it to stay with you over time, nothing better than cultivating abundant plants (Jade, ferns, basil or bamboo).

You can have these plants in your home or workplace. In a pot you can add colored pieces of paper with your requests and every time you water them you imagine those wishes coming true.

Ritual of sugar and the ticket

This spell must be performed on the first night of the full moon. Place a small bill in the moonlight and leave it there until the following night. Once 24 hours are up, it will be charged with lunar energy; Now put it in the bottom of a glass and cover it completely with sugar. Place the container in the same place where you put the bill the night before so that it also receives the moonlight.

On the fourth night, remove the bill from the glass and wrap it in paper and keep it in your wallet. It will act as a prosperity magnet and the sugar will sweeten your path.

Spells to attract urgent money for another person

This is a very simple money attracting spell that you can do to help a friend or loved one.

The first thing is to get a photograph of the person (if you don’t have one, carefully write their full name on a piece of paper). You will also need some cash, be it some bills or coins that you have at home.

Place four candles forming a square and the photo of the person in the middle.

Take the money with both hands. Hold it over the photo. Take three deep breaths and focus on the person.

Now drop all the money on the photo at once and say the following spell:

«From above, from below,
The money now comes to you.
Rains of money and a lot of work,
It is my will and it is fulfilled here.

Leave the money on the photo until the candles are completely burned out (you can use small candles if you want to do it faster). Never leave burning candles unattended.

Finally, wrap what’s left of the candles, a coin, a bill and the photograph; tie it all up in a tissue paper bundle with a green string or string and put it somewhere no one will find it.

When the person has solved their money problems, you can remove the coin and the ticket, and throw the rest away because the spell is already done.

nutmeg amulet


  • 1 nutmeg
  • a green candle
  • A drill
  • Spices such as dill, mint, cinnamon, or bay leaf powder
  • A piece of gold paper


Make a hole in the nutmeg with the drill, without going through it. If you pass it, it doesn’t matter, you can seal it with the candle wax; The important thing is that it doesn’t break.

Once the hole is made, fill it with the spice powder and seal it with the green candle wax. Then wrap the nut with gold paper.

This amulet will attract money into your life. Keep the nut in the place where you have your money, be it your wallet, an envelope, a safe or the drawer of your dresser.

Glass with water and sugar to attract money


  • An undecorated crystal glass with water
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • A piece of white paper
  • 1 green or blue pen


On the white piece of paper we will write our following data with the pen: full name, date of birth and place of birth, since we have filled in all our data we will place it under the glass and add the tablespoon of sugar to the water, mixing with a spoon while you imagine that prosperity comes to your life, you can imagine how the job you want comes, or you manage to pay your debts. And the ritual is finished.

It is recommended to do it on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday at 12 noon, it is not recommended that it be done at night, it should be left three days and on the fourth day throw it on the street in front of your house, if there is no place in where to throw it outside your house, you throw it down the drain only, the glass is washed with soap and water and can continue to be used normally, the glass can be left on the nightstand or under the bed. This ritual can be done every month or every time you feel you need to improve your economy.