Many modern couples prefer to prepare their own meals when it comes to family trips. Above all, thinking that feeding adults and children is fundamental; since eating spoiled food easily ends up ruining the best vacation of your life.

Preparing our food when we go on a trip is easier than it seems. It will allow us to save money, nourish ourselves, be as healthy as possible and enjoy every bite as a family. All this is easy to achieve if the following ideas are followed:

Preparations should be planned around the whole family, especially thinking about the taste and needs of children which, many times, are the ones that take us the longest.

Prepare food that you can take to the beach, the mountains or “camping”; and can consume them during the journey that the trip lasts. These must be: light, practical and that provide energy.

Look for containers that keep food in optimal conditions, without the need to heat; and comfortable to transport. The chicken, cheese and ham sandwiches are special, cheap and easy to prepare; In addition, they do not run any risk of being damaged during the trip.

Another alternative is to mix cooked carrots with diced potatoes, peas or corn; crumbled french omelette, ham strips, chicken bits; Use rice or pasta as a base. They are nutritious, affordable and delicious meals for the whole family!

Also, opt for some cold sandwiches of whole grain bread with turkey or tuna; They are ideal for feeding the little ones.. Also, rice salads with vegetables and vegetables are an excellent menu to feel comfortable and satisfied. Be sure to bring foods that are versatile and can be mixed and matched.

For snacks and snacks, go for fruit salads in individual portions, cereal bars, yogurt, sliced ​​apples, melon, papaya, orange, cherries, grapes, oatmeal cookies, and raisins. You can also carry nuts such as peanuts, almonds and walnuts; Plus, they’re healthier than French fries.

Also, alternate with instant oatmeal or grits mixed with walnuts; they make a healthy and satisfying mix, so you can stay active throughout your journey.

Secondly, if who drives, should avoid copious meals or foods that are difficult to digest, such as saturated fats, carbonated and sugary drinks; also sweets and industrial products made from refined flour, in order to curb the feeling of heaviness, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.

Bet on fruit juices, homemade lemonades, cold infusions and enough water to stay hydrated. Don’t forget to drink coffee or dark chocolate to stay in a good mood, awake and alert during the trip!

In this way, while they travel, they enjoy the pleasures and new flavors without neglecting their health.. Taking care of your family’s diet, they will have healthier and safer vacations!