For decades top luxury jewelry brands, have brought lovers of refinement, beauty and exclusivity, the most beautiful and expensive jewels. Reasons enough to earn a place of honor among high-end consumers, who seek them not only for the beauty of their jewelry but also for the reputation they have in the world of jewelry. Next, we are going to present a list made by the Luxury Institute, which includes 500 products, taking into account not only the price, but also aspects such as the highest quality, customer service, exclusivity and social status:

1.Harry Winston: This brand has earned the first place among the best on the list, because the quality of its designs and materials is much higher, so its prices are very high. For example, a pair of small diamond earrings can cost around $4,000.

The Harry Winston firm was founded in 1936, in New York City, and thanks to the collection of the billionaire Arabella Huntington; became one of the most recognized and respected luxury jewelry brands in the world; in addition to the fact that it has always been innovating and updating its designs, in order to maintain its validity and place of honor in the world of jewelry and fashion.

2. Buccellati: The second in the list of the best luxury jewelry brands is this firm founded by Mario Buccellati, in the city of Milan in 1919, but it was not until 1951 that it obtained international recognition, when it opened its first store in New York. Today it is still very much in force in the jewelry market, through highly recognized exhibitions and events.

3. Van Cleef & Arpels: This brand has great worldwide recognition for the quality of its jewelry, which supports it so that many people end up paying around 23,000 euros for a diamond ring. The brand was founded by husband and wife Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef in 1906.

4.Graff: This brand founded in London by Laurence Graff, in 1960, has positioned itself among the best luxury jewelry brands, because this billionaire designer has worked with rare gems, achieving fabulous designs with white and yellow diamonds. The firm owns a global chain of stores, where you can buy, for example, diamond-studded brooches that cost about 100 million dollars.

5.Tiffany&Co: This luxury jewelry brand became popular thanks to a scene from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, which was recorded in front of one of the Tiffany stores in New York. Currently, his exclusive designs are found in his stores around the world, and you can purchase a ring with a small diamond for the amount of 1,500 euros.

6. Piaget: This brand was registered in 1943, by Gérald and Valentin Piaget, grandsons of the original founder; and from that moment his worldwide recognition began. Currently its high prices are affordable only for people with a high purchasing power, because a watch can cost about twenty thousand euros.

7.Chopard: It is one of the best luxury jewelry brands, founded in the 19th century, specifically in the year 1860. Its founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, managed to position the brand to the point that it is currently in force in the world market. Currently, a simple gold ring with small diamonds from this brand costs approximately 1,000 euros, which you can see on the fingers of the Spanish actress Penélope Cruz; brand ambassador.

8.Cartier: It is another of the best luxury watch brands, founded in the 19th century by Louis-François Cartier; who managed to open his first store in 1847. In 1874, the administration of the brand was left in the hands of Alfred Cartier, son of Louis, and together with his brothers Pierre, Louis and Jacques, they have managed to keep it among the most recognized jewelry firms. global luxury.

But his fame and recognition began at the beginning of the 20th century, when he caught the attention of the royal family of England, who were impressed with the designs and luxury of Cartier jewelry, this experience of the brand, the quality and the audacity of the jewelry pushed her to gain positions in this demanding world. The house is in some way a pioneer in the use of platinum in jewelry and currently, a ring with diamonds or sapphires could cost around 2,000 euros.

9. Bulgarian: The descendants of the Greek watchmaker Sotirio Bulgari have kept this famous firm, which began in Rome in 1905, among the best luxury jewelry brands in the world. It stands out for the refinement of its designs and, above all, for its high prices. For example, if you want to buy a white gold ring with some diamonds, you will have to pay approximately 1,500 euros.

But, if you want a good perfume, Bulgari has excellent fragrances, or you need to stay in a luxurious hotel, this brand has its own chain of hotels since 2004.

10.Mikimoto: This Japanese firm was responsible for designing the sixth Miss Universe crown, which was used between 2002 and 2007, officially called Ave Fénix, an event that has increased its fame and worldwide recognition. It is basically on this list, for its exclusive and luxurious jewelry made with pearls.

Likewise, this brand, founded in 1914, is recognized for being a pioneer in the production of cultured pearls in the world. Being currently one of the main producers of cultured pearls in the world.