chinese good luck charms are famous all over the world. Well, it is said that they are objects with a lot of power and magic, capable of providing both protection and good luck. Some are even more effective and can draw all the positive energy we need into our lives.

Without a doubt, chinese amulets or charms are another alternative when considering making a gift. Whether for our loved ones and friends or just to use them to our advantage. But it is necessary to know how to use them, since each one has its particularities. And in addition to taking many forms, they will have for their wearer a strong purpose and a different meaning.

If you are superstitious and want to bring positive energy and good fortune into your life, you will surely want to know what are the best chinese good luck charms. Well, join us to find out below.

Chinese symbols for good luck

Lu symbol

It is the symbol of prosperity. Formerly, it meant official salary in China. It is a representation of prosperity in the home, which brings profit and wealth. Although it is said that its effectiveness is greater if you have it in a circle. Since this figure is the representation of the coins, which in turn represent wealth.

Its use is recommended in places where you want to attract prosperity and wealth, be it your office, business, or home.

mystical knot

This symbol is considered an amulet and is also one of the best known Feng Shui symbols. It consists of six infinite knots that are linked together. It symbolizes endless luck, prosperity and also abundance. So it cannot be missing in the lives of those who promote good luck and fortune in their lives.

The most commonly used color for mystical knots is red, which in Chinese culture represents happiness, beauty, vitality and is said to attract good luck, success and fortune. Likewise, to increase its effectiveness it can be combined with other symbols, in order to ensure that the good energies are always attracted to us.

For example, a mystical knot in red can be used with eight coins to guarantee endless wealth. It can also be used to attract eternal love by linking it with a love symbol.

The best Chinese good luck charms

chinese coins

They are one of the chinese amulets used in Feng Shui to attract money. They are known as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is also a very common gift in China to wish friends and family financial success. They have a round shape that represents the sky and a square hole inside that represents the earth.

But we must be careful when using it because the amount of coins has a strict meaning, let’s see what it is:

  • 1 coin: it symbolizes the union of heaven with earth. You must carry it with you, either in your wallet or purse.
  • 2 coins: They attract good fortune to business. They should be placed on top of office or business doors, and attached with a red ribbon.
  • 3 coins: Effective for the union of couples, especially if they are married, effective to avoid infidelity. It is also advisable to tie them with a red ribbon.
  • 4 coins: Not recommended according to Feng Shui.
  • 5 coins: They offer protection against negative energies and witchcraft, for this they must be placed tied at the front door of the house.
  • 6 coins: To maintain the family union.
  • 7 coins: Used to attract luck.
  • 8 coins: They symbolize luck, wealth and prosperity.
  • 9 coins: They symbolize the fullness of the Universe.

three-legged toad

It is one of the best most powerful chinese amulets to attract abundance, prosperity and money. It is also known as: Frog of wealth, frog of fortune, Chinese toad, money toad, etc. Although its Chinese name is “Chan Chu”. It represents a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth.

According to a Chinese legend, this toad feeds only on coins. If we are going through a bad economic moment, we must withdraw the currency in his mouth from him. But when the situation changes and we become financially stable, we must return it to them. So that fortune never disappears.

It should be placed in the room or office, in a position that seems to jump towards us, bringing wealth into our lives.

buddha of wealth

It is also known as the smiling Buddha or happy Buddha and is one of the most famous chinese amulets. With his robust body and broad smile, this Buddha is a symbol of good luck, abundance and prosperity. In one of his representations of him, he is usually identified carrying a cloth bag containing valuable articles, food, sweets for children, the content of it never ends. Therefore, having a Buddha at home will attract success, happiness and prosperity.

feng shui bell

In Feng Shui, wind chimes are said to activate areas where Chi has become stuck with ancient energy. They are attractive to good vibes by bringing new and healthy energy, and in Chinese culture they are also believed to attract fortune.

They are usually hung at the main entrance of the home, since their resonance and vibration attracts all the positive energy, through the air that circulates inside.

In addition, they are good for energetically cleaning spaces and bringing them to a more energetic state. With which we can also keep away diseases, stress, apathy. It can also be placed in the car to protect itself from evil, stay safe and healthy.

chinese dragon

They are considered the angels of the east and signify good omen and good luck. They are a symbol of imperial hierarchy, power and protection. As well as the forces of nature and universal balance. Having this symbol in our home, office or business will bring us good luck. As an amulet it encompasses several meanings that correspond to the nine dragons of Chinese mythology.