The 7 subtle bodies: Discover each one of them

The body of the human being, in addition to the physical body, consists of seven layers or the 7 subtle bodies, more difficult to perceive. This set makes up the so-called aura or energy field. Each body is related to one of the seven energy centers or main chakras and has its own functions. But they all interpenetrate and even interpenetrate the physical body, so what happens in any one body will directly influence the others.

These bodies have colors, variable depending on the content of the body in question. Each body vibrates at a higher frequency than the one that underlies it, so that the energy densifies as it passes from the seventh subtle body to the physical body, through the other six subtle bodies. The first three bodies refer to the earthly plane, while the last three do so to the spiritual, the fourth acting as the union between the two.

Physical or material body:

It is also called “lower self”, it works in the third dimension, in the dense material plane; it is the anchor point of the son of GOD, man, physical matter; through it we execute our physical acts and move during each existence in the material plane.

It is this body that bears the worst part of life, since it is through it that everything that exists in the six bodies that are not visible to our physical eyes is manifested.

Through it we feel joy, material suffering, etc. He is destined to become the temple where the divine spark dwells and by which it is said:

That man is created in the image and likeness of the Father.

The physical body is made up of the earth element; it is represented by the ring finger; it is related to the sense of smell; and its color is yellow; its polarity is positive in men and negative in women.

Ethereal Body or Etheric Double:

Another of the 7 subtle bodies is the ethereal, also known as the vital body, and Hinduism tells us that it is the vehicle of Prana; It is also called the aura of health. It is an exact mold of the physical body, which unites with the emotional body. It is the size of the physical body and protrudes only two centimeters from our skin, although its size can vary depending on our health. This is where the chakras are located. Its main function is to transmit life energy to the physical body and protect it from the emotional changes of the emotional body.

It cannot leave the physical plane because it is part of the physical body, and if it were to separate, the first thing that happens is that the chakras are out of phase, which are responsible for transmitting life energy, and therefore harm health; in extreme cases, their gap could lead to death. Therefore, any damage in the etheric appears in the physical body. It is important then, to understand that diseases manifest first in the etheric and then in the physical. You know, if you want to heal the physical body it is necessary to heal the etheric body first. It is made up of the fire element.

Emotional, Astral or Desire Body:

This body commands many processes of our organic life. It is the vehicle that is responsible for transmitting the deepest emotions, desires and passions that accompany us, and those that are developing in our current reincarnation.

This body is intertwined with our energy field and is constantly subject to different changes, depending on the state of our consciousness and the yoke of our mind. Practically, it is the extension of the three-dimensional physical body, this means that it unites this physical plane with the etheric one.

Mental Body:

Also known as the thinking body or lower mental body. It works in the fourth dimension and is linked to our physical and etheric bodies. Its function is to make us think and it contains all the knowledge, opinions and concepts extracted from all sources of information.

It never gets tired, that is why we are always thinking, but we must learn to control it so that it fulfills its true mission: that of being a repository of certain truths that the divine spark may need to expand the knowledge of the truth in the world of the form .

It differs in its way of filing all our experiences and those of others, while the etheric only stores personal experiences. He is enveloping our etheric body. The mental body is made up of the air element, it is represented by the little finger, it is related to the sense of touch, with the gaseous state of matter and with the color blue, its polarity is negative in men and positive in women. .

This body has been misused by man throughout his experiences in the world of forms, through it man has generated a series of low-vibration thought forms of doubt, jealousy and self-condemnation. and towards others.

three upper bodies

Causal Body, Superior or Abstract Mind:

Also called spiritual body. It is the Higher Self or Solar Angel, our true Guardian Angel. It is the Holy Spirit. It is the feminine part (Binah), of the Superior Triad, of the Tree of Life. Collect all the positive things we have done in each existence. He is in charge of providing everything we ask the Creator. It is the divine part that is in us and that is immortal. It remains intact between each incarnation. Everything we have experienced in this life and past lives is recorded here. He is depicted in the color pink.

Buddhic or Christic Body:

it is nourished by high and loving aspirations: tenderness and compassion for all humanity. She is the masculine part (Hochma), of the Superior Triad, of the Tree of Life. It is intuition in man. He’s the son. It resides in our heart and manifests through the Triple Flame. If he is allowed freedom of action he can act as a Divine Director. He is depicted with the color yellow or gold.

Atmic Body or Atma:

It is the powerful and magical I Am presence. Here lies the Spirit, the most subtle part of human nature. It belongs to Keter, of the Superior Triad, of the Tree of Life. From here radiates the true being that surrounds in the Christic Body. He is the father. Our Divine Presence is the perfection of God in us. It is the Supreme Divine Spirit Self. It is the presence of God in us. It is represented by the color blue.