There are famous jewelry designers in the world who, throughout their careers, have created beautiful pieces that can be worn with complete elegance and naturalness, but always standing out for their elaboration and design. These, over the years, have ensured that their names do not go unnoticed anymore. Let’s learn a little more about these jewelry talents.

Efva Attling

Born in Sweden in 1952, this talented woman was a renowned model and dancer. She got her start in jewelry thanks to her love of design working for “H&M”. In the mid 90’s she created her own jewelry firm that established her fame and prestige in the jewelry world.

James deGivenchy

This talented Frenchman in New York City was born on August 27, 1963, being the son and nephew of the founders of the Paris-based Givenchy firm. Not satisfied with this and immersed in the world of fashion, James de Givenchy used all his tools and knowledge to create his own jewelry firm called «Taffin», a Franco-American brand in his name where he presents his high-end jewelry.

Giani Bulgari

Gianni is an Italian born in 1935 in a jewelery family where he learned all the necessary passion from an early age. After the death of his father in 1966, he obtained in «Bvlgari», the position of co-executive president of his family brand, which he managed to position successfully, leaving it in 1985 to create his own jewelry and watch company. «GB-Enigma» in 1989 with their own designs that were a complete success.

David Yurmann

He is a famous American designer who was born on October 12, 1942 in the city that never sleeps: New York, where from an early age growing up on Long Island, he became familiar with the idea and concept of designing, because at the age of 16 He was able to meet the famous Cuban welder and sculptor residing in America: Ernesto Gonzales, who served as his teacher and guide by teaching him various techniques that are still evident in his works of the brand with his name, created with Silby Yurman in 1980.

pigeon picasso

Born in 1949, she is a renowned Franco-Spanish designer, daughter of world-renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picassowho impregnated her since she was a child by her love for art, so in Paris as a clothing designer, she drew attention for her necklaces, ending up hired by «Yves Saint Laurent», and then in 1980 she began to design for «Tiffany & Co” until today with the symbol of the dove and the color red as his personal seal.

So when you wonder what the most notorious names in the world of jewelry are, there should be no doubt that each of these artists and designers has earned their place in history for contributing to the world of design and jewelry. , very beautiful works.