It has always been said that fashion is born on the catwalks. But a fad does not become a trend if it is not well promoted; it is there where magazines play an important role, which, using the magic of their contents, have managed to capture their followers; also positioning one or another brand, and imposing styles when it comes to dressing. Find out which ones have earned a place as the most influential:

“Vogue”: It is published in more than 20 countries. Its unique style perfectly mixes the best of fashion, photography, design and art in its articles, plus it has exclusive reports from the most important brands and designers.

“Ellemagazine”: It is the best-selling in the world and also has 16 million followers in its different versions (paper and digital), where you can find the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyles.

Harpers Bazaar: Founded in the United States in 1867, it has remained at the forefront for its reports on celebrities, and current events in the world of fashion; with a photograph and articles of great quality.

“W magazine”: With 469,000 readers, it has made a name for itself by specializing in coverage of the fashion and luxurious styles of American high society and its celebrities.

«Nylon»: It is focused on following «pop» culture and fashion, managing to show an alternative style in its useful articles, a product of the mixture between the best of the streets and the catwalk.

“Instyle”: It has 1.4 million followers a year, for whom it has become an inspiration by offering a guide with practical and accessible ideas of what is trending at the moment.

«Cosmopolitan»: It is aimed at a mature audience and its strength is in the topics of sexuality, health, well-being and fashion. She has become the perfect counselor in love and sexual matters; and they even recruit men who answer questions from their female readers.

“Surface”: It stands out for showing the latest trends in fashion and architecture presented with a provocative and avant-garde style, which has made it a benchmark, for contributing to the success of big brand advertising campaigns.

“Vanity Fair”: It is considered one of the most influential in world culture and fashion, standing out for its controversial covers, magnificent photos, the quality of its reports and the scoops on celebrities.

«Marie-Claire»: It is a publication that explores not only fashion, trends, catwalk, health and beauty, but also brings different life stories of women around the world, thanks to which it has won the hearts of its followers.

Without a doubt, we can affirm that fashion as we know it today would not have such an impact on the world if these magazines did not exist. Therefore, if you like to dress in fashion or simply know the latest trends, you just have to follow them.