His story ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Bold, original, without fear of anything. The following 10 women gave a before and after to their respective societies, so today, they are recognized as beautiful women both inside and out.

Norma Jeane Mortensonbetter known as Marilyn Monroe She was the sensual and sexual sensation of Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. Marilyn is remembered as one of the most popular actresses throughout the 20th century, as well as for giving off the right degree of glamor and vulnerability, in full knowledge of her physical gifts. .

Another lovely golden blonde is Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. French actress and singer, she embodied both fashion icon and sex symbol. She took advantage of her fame to defend animal rights, ending her acting career in 1974.

The brunettes have also had great representatives of feminine beauty. elizabeth taylor He will forever be a figure of empowerment for women, after an exquisite career in Hollywood, and being the love of the most coveted leading men of his time. In addition, only she was able to embody another beautiful woman who is also part of the list: Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Philopator Nea Thea She was the last queen of Ancient Egypt who knew how to raise her power thanks to her majestic beauty. Even the great Roman military leader, Julius Caesar, could not against her charms. Another captivating queen was Marie Antoinette. The power over France came to her at a very young age, but she will always be remembered for her graceful personality and figure, as happened with the wife of Henry VIII, the sensual Mary Boleyn.

history recognizes Phryne as one of the greatest muses for the sculptures of the goddess Aphrodite. Such a comparison led her to be prosecuted for impiety, and her defense was to strip naked in front of the jury. Phryné would be acquitted of all charges immediately.

Monica Bellucci is another beautiful dark-haired woman who continues to captivate everyone around her. She began her career modeling with major firms, then rocketed to stardom as a diverse professional portraying sci-fi, action, and film noir characters.

Winner of 4 Academy Awards, the life of Katherine Hepburn she is worthy of admiration as an American star, and one of the most praised in the history of cinema. Personality, beauty and talent, the magic formula for success, and that ultimately characterized Hepburn.

If it is about exalting female sexuality, then the legacy of Bettie Page is worthy of admiration, being one of the most famous American pin-up models. She adored her body, so she wasn’t afraid to show off her natural curves. Even the creator of Playboy has defined it as the perfect combination of sexuality and sensuality.