The tetragrammaton is a pentagram or five-pointed star, with a very strong esoteric meaning; four vertices correspond to the elements of nature: air, fire, water, earth, and the upper apex belongs to the spirit; it also symbolizes the human being, with his arms and legs stretched out, wrapped in the great universal wisdom. It is within a circle, personifying the infinite soul, and a triangle as the trinity; the word tetragrammaton surrounding the figure is the name of the divinity.

In the same way, the numbers 1 and 2 to the left on the word TE, express the cross and the verb; the numbers 1, 2 and 3 above the word TRA, symbolize the cross, the father and mother; Above are the eyes of the spirit with the sign of Jupiter, in the arms is Mars. In the center the caduceus of Mercury with his sign and that of Venus; at the extremes the sun and the moon; the wings represent the seven “chakras”, the intelligence cup, the scepter the rod of Moses, the sword the guardian of paradise; at the top, the names of Adam and Eve in Hebrew; at the foot of the pentagram, the sign of Saturn.

Before the symbol of the «tetragrammaton», the demons flee in terror, therefore, whoever carries it with him will never receive bad influences, being successful in what he does. That is to say, that the human spirit strongly dominates, subduing all creatures, in the regions of the universal compendia, figured in good and evil.

For practitioners of black magic, the «tetragrammaton» used backwards establishes a connection with dark powers; placing the elements of fire and earth upwards. With which, the fire meaning passion, lust, power, desire, energetically synchronized with the earth, a symbol of comfort and material goods, enslaves the spirit, remaining situated downwards.

However, the «tetragrammaton» is not a satanic component; everything is in the minds of the different beliefs of those who manipulate it; depending on the direction where they place their rays, they can incorporate God or the devil. In addition, because it is a very old and mysterious emblem, it is part of many cultures, where some claim that its origin comes from the Celts, something that has not been verified with truth; What is certain is the use given to the pentagram as the main element of esoteric magic.

It is something essential in great magical procedures, always being surrounded by metal components. To obtain its great influence, all the elements intervene in its consecration; such as holy water, the smoke of five aromas, invocations of the archangels and powerful words.

The tetragrammaton contains a very deep dilemma, indicating that, on the spiritual plane, positive or negative forces move depending on our emotions. Nothing is totally bad or good, you just have to know how to handle, in the best way, the inner energy that the supreme creator has offered us. In the “YouTube” channel “Mary’s Tarot”, they tell you how to clean and load the “tetragrammaton”.