Teros spiritual meaning and what they announce when they scream

Teros spiritual meaning We have received the following questions: What does a uterus mean in the house? Do the teros have spiritual meaning? What do the teros announce when they scream? What do the teros announce at night?

We will give answers to these questions related to this interesting bird from South America.


General features

The common tero, also called teru-teru, is present throughout South America and in some parts of Central America, and being a very popular bird, it has become part of the folklore of several regions.

The current scientific name of the uterus is Vanellus chilensis, having been described for the first time by Juan Ignacio Molina in 1782, who gave it the name of Parra chilensis.

Four subspecies have been described, sometimes merging two by two to form two distinct species: Vanellus cayennensis (which absorbs the subspecies lampronotus) and Vanellus chilensis (which absorbs the subspecies fretensis), but the IUCN only recognizes the species Vanellus chilensis .

The quero-quero is a medium to small bird, 32 to 38 cm long and weighing 300 to 320 g. As an adult, it has spurs on its wings, used as a weapon of attack and defense. It has black plumage edged with white on the forehead and throat, and a large black area on the chest. From the top of the head and the sides of the neck to the back, it is grey, and may have a brown or blue tint. Let us see, next, the teros spiritual meaning.


its symbolism

Teros spiritual meaning #1 Balance between reality and intuition When these types of birds enter our lives it can be a signal to listen to all our senses for guidance. They are also a sign of balance. Incorporate physical, intuitive, and vocal instincts into action to advance optimal results.

Teros spiritual meaning #2 Fierce protection They are fiercely protective and will fight to the end to keep their egg clutches safe from predators. Symbolically, this refers us to the protection of the innocent. It could be your family or something else. What is there in your life that is sweet, innocent and worth fighting for? It is not only about a person but can also refer to your own self-esteem or your spirituality.

Teros spiritual meaning #3 The need for union Both the males and the females of the teros participate in the care of their young. While females will kick anything (including other females in the flock) that glances sideways at their young, males are just as protective of threats.

Lateros typically mate for life and tend to stay together for many mating seasons. Their bond is reinforced by their common goal of protecting the survival of their young. Symbolically, this bird raises questions about the bonds that are shared with others. Are they even in a shared vision? Do they share a common goal? Are you both committed (and in the same family) to this common goal?

Teros spiritual meaning #4 The comunication is the key: The spiritual meaning of teros also has to do with the intricate art of communication. They have various (and distinctive) calls in their language, and are not shy about speaking up in times of need.

Lapwings and their chicks have warning calls, distress calls, and retreat calls. Each of them is clearly understood within the bird clan. They also have clever ways of launching their voices, or bouncing calls off each other to attract predators.

All this to say that, symbolically, the teros encourages you to pay attention to our words and our voices. Do we communicate effectively? Is it time to clearly express our needs? What kind of language are we using to transmit ourselves? The uterus reminds us that nobody can do anything if what we say is not clearly understood.

Teros spiritual meaning #6 Dreaming of seeing a tero flying Dreaming of a flying uterus means changes in life, spirituality, freedom, encounters and the desire to discover new cities or have a different life with more tranquility.

Uterus spiritual meaning #7 Dreaming of a sick or dead uterus Seeing a sick or lifeless uterus in dreams means problems and sadness, and be careful with what you are doing at work or in your personal life, because it could mean envy, bad fruits, and that you should be careful with enemies. L

Teros spiritual meaning #8 Dreaming of a bird feather It means protection, solution, fulfillment and that better days are coming soon.


Other symbolism

What do the teros announce when they scream? If you hear their cries very often (day and also at night) they are a clear message of warning, attention, and beware of declared enemies, but in general it means an alert with contacts, and life so as not to fall into danger. traps.

If you suddenly hear their song or cry when it rains for many days without stopping, it is a sign that the rain will stop soon.

What does a uterus mean in the house? The answer is very similar to the previous one, since their presence at home means that care must be taken with friendships, especially those that are recent, since, perhaps, some of them are not entirely sincere.


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