Have the taurus rising in our birth chart makes us stable, reliable, attractive and often quite successful. Venus is the ruling planet of the taurus rising and, it is the one who has endowed them with a beautiful appearance and has made them love and seek harmony, within themselves and around them. Do you have this ascendant and want to know what are the traits that characterize it and what is its influence on the other zodiac signs? Keep reading! Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Taurus rising.

Taurus Rising Personality Traits

One of the biggest concerns for a person with taurus risingIt is the need for security and to be surrounded by people who will support her in difficult times. His private life is very important to you and he will do whatever it takes to keep it protected from the outside world.

Taurus is known for its possessiveness and a person with taurus rising is not an exception. He wants his stuff to be his and his alone. On the plus side, once he decides that the person next to him is worth it, his loyalty and dedication will be unmatched.

Another characteristic feature of a sign taurus rising is persistence. Once you have set your eyes on something or someone, nothing others say or do can change your mind. Beneath the cool and calm exterior lies a volcano ready to erupt. Particularly when faced with a heated argument. If you feel that you are being attacked, that polite and discreet image disappears.

When it comes to success, that concept is intertwined with financial security for someone with taurus rising. He wants enough money, not so much to impress his social circle, but above all to allow himself to lead a comfortable life and have a good time. He is also not afraid to take risks, if the reward is promising enough.

What is a Taurus rising woman like?

women with taurus rising They tend to refrain from expressing their feelings. When they are angry with their partner, they try to keep their anger to themselves. So unless he’s alert to changes in his nonverbal behavior, she’ll never know.

A woman from taurus rising she doesn’t jump ship when the going gets tough, but she doesn’t like being pushed. If she is not satisfied with her relationship, she may seek comfort in the arms of another man. She highly values ​​material security and looks for the perfect partner, but she tries to suppress her materialistic desires and she is willing to compromise her expectations. She is often attracted to men whose virtues are not immediately apparent. women with taurus rising they are big on art, sex, comfort and cooking.

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Taurus rising and its influence on the zodiac signs

This ascendant provides desire to achieve all the pleasures of life, but with reflection and calm. It gives good self-control, but also a bit of a routine side. Let’s see how this ascendant influences each of the zodiac signs.

Aries rising in Taurus

An Aries person with this ascendant is trying to reconcile two completely different personalities and that requires a lot of effort. She is active and enthusiastic, but, at the same time, stubborn and does not take advice from anyone. She seems to be a cheerful person and live in peace, but she can explode at the smallest thing. She tries to impose her point of view and often refuses to acknowledge her mistakes, which has a negative impact on their relationships.

Taurus rising in Taurus

She is a self-sufficient person and never doubts herself. She has a great appreciation and love for all forms of art, which satisfies and relaxes her. She takes special care of her surroundings as she wants to live in a beautiful, clean place and entertain the people she loves.

Gemini with Taurus rising

You have a natural charm that you use to network and cultivate better interaction with those around you. You are independent and can work hard to achieve your goals. Money is very important in your life and you can use it to buy a comfortable place, where you can entertain people and have cosmopolitan social events.

Cancer rising in Taurus

He is very impressionable and sensitive. His behavior depends on his feelings and mood. Deep down, he is like a little boy who is trying to find a mother figure in his partner as she needs constant love and support. Her family and everything related to her play an important role in her life. And, for this reason, her choice of partner is usually done with great care.

Leo with Taurus ascendant

It has a strong magnetism, which attracts opposites. He knows how desirable he is and often becomes very bossy as he can’t stand it when people bother him. The person who decides to share his life with you with a Leo with taurus rising You will have to be very diplomatic to be able to convey your views. She knows how to win money and glory, and with honorable means.

Virgo with Taurus ascendant

He is balanced and diplomatic. He tries to keep all his affairs in order and doesn’t like to leave things unfinished. He is constantly looking for new opportunities and easily adapts to changes. In his love life, he is looking for a faithful partner and will not make a serious commitment until he has weighed the pros and cons. He avoids making promises that he cannot keep.

Libra Sun rising in Taurus

Aphrodite’s double influence makes her impressive both in terms of character and appearance. He is particularly emotional and romantic. So she can easily create good relationships in both her emotional and social life. Creativity is vital to her life. She likes to cook, be with friends, listen to music and take care of her house.

Scorpio rising in Taurus

He is quite sensitive, but has gotten used to hiding it and showing an independent and aggressive character. Even so, to succeed in life she needs a partner who understands and accepts her, with all her strengths and weaknesses. He is particularly ambitious and ready to fight for a higher position. In his life he will be financially successful, but he will also go through some not very prolific phases.

Sagittarius rising in Taurus

He is a reasonable, stable and sensible person. He has big ambitions and makes the right moves to achieve them. She is very sociable and has a large circle of friends made up of interesting people with whom she loves to share the pleasures of life. He also enjoys exchanging ideas.

Capricorn rising in Taurus

He is endowed with a great charm that attracts those around him. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it, but he doesn’t show his cards easily. He likes to gain new knowledge and travel. He will spend a part of his life abroad, as a result of his love affair or his professional duties. He is stable and reliable and gives his heart and soul to his partner.

Aquarius rising in Taurus

He is a quite realistic person, who pursues material and social values ​​and professional advancement. He wants to get a very good position that will give him economic security throughout his life so that he can have all the comforts. Even so, his Ascendant in Taurus will bring him down to earth and prevent him from undertaking the humanitarian actions that characterize Aquarius.

Pisces with Taurus ascendant

Social relationships, friends, and teamwork energize you and make you feel useful. The intuitive power of your zodiac sign is real, but the Taurus Ascendant allows you to use his common sense in many cases, while allowing you to approach the existential problems that concern you in a lucid and serene way.