The time has come to get out of the ordinary and be part of the new trend of white ink tattoos, with them you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to little creativity and make a difference by wearing the beautiful and incredible designs that you choose. This ingenious idea displaces the common black ink tattoos that are normally known, for this reason, you can be sure that if you choose to get a white tattoo, its originality will unleash all eyes in a subtle but striking way.

This unusual style of «tattoos» is increasingly sought after by people, who want to give their personality a twist and get away from the cliché; displaying a great sense of style and originality. This type of tattoo represents light, purity, harmony and unity; This is how it is considered by those who have chosen to get tattooed with white ink, because this color represents everything that is good and transparent.

Also, if you have always wanted to get a tattoo but don’t want it to be too noticeable, this idea is the ideal option. However, since not everything is rosy, we need to study the advantages and disadvantages of this new trend so that we can make the best decision:

Advantage: the main advantage of these “tattos” is that they draw a lot of attention, but if you are not satisfied with the result, it can be easily hidden, being easier to remove. They are discreet and very original.

Disadvantages: if you want to remove it, these tend to cause spots and scars; Similarly, it is necessary to know that white ink can fade more quickly with solar incidence. They tend to look better on white skin, since brunettes do not absorb enough ink for the tattoo to be visible.

If you are still not completely convinced, but you are intrigued to know how a white tattoo would look on you; you can try making a very small design, in this way, you will be sure if you like the appearance of it on your skin or not. It is important to remember that if you decide to get it done, you should go to an expert in this type of tattoo, since this ink is very difficult to handle and must be totally pure, therefore, the artist must know how the white ink will react in each type leather; avoiding possible complications.

As this type of «tatto» is more sensitive to sunlight, it is recommended that it be done in a place where it can be protected or hidden from them, otherwise it runs the risk of fading or disappearing with the passage of time. weather.