The taoist diet, It is based on an old Chinese doctrine from the philosopher Lao Tse in the sixth century. This philosophy is based on the scriptures, symbolizing the usual way or ways of life to achieve longevity through the primary virtues of this ethic are: peace, tranquility and silence.

The power is adjusted to the idea that certain foods develop vital energy, discovering the prosperity of the body through the inner harmony of the body; strengthening the functions of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory. Therefore, blending the five flavors of the natural realm: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy; with the essentials of life: earth, water, wood, fire and metal.

Taoist diet should also be combined with the four energies: heat and warmth (Yang), which is the male force; freshness and cold (Yin), feminine force. The food must be adjusted to the climate and according to each season eating the foods that prevail at each time; avoiding possible digestive complications. The useful recommendations in spring, is to eat light, easy to digest foods; including green vegetables. In summer eat fruits, grains and vegetables and slightly candies fast assimilation.

In autumn you should eat meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables; avoiding coffee and alcohol. In winter, the most appropriate are toning food, a bit of red meat, fish and birds; accompanied by cereals, nuts, legumes and spicy foods.

In this wonderful diet, there are rules of gold for you to eat in an appropriate manner, because in addition ensure you a healthy and long life, which is only achieved if you follow it to the letter. Mainly eat in moderation is better to consume less than more; especially combine well your foods, do not mix proteins with starchy foods. It is not wise to eat candies and artificial desserts because do not combine with any other food.

Meat and fish are accompanied with vegetables and legumes, similarly, pasta and rice are eaten with vegetables. It is important to properly chew food before swallowing, because it is the first step to dissolve it and to be assimilated by the body. If possible, avoid exposing your food to temperatures too hot or cold.

Fats should be eaten in moderation; however with vegetable oil and butter, you have the advantage of using them in meat, vegetables, pasta and rice in a proportionate manner. We should detoxify our body once a week, consuming fruits throughout the day; but you have to only eat fruits, because if they are mixed with other foods they produce stomach fermentation.

So for you can enjoy life, it is crucial that you keep your mind and body healthy. Taoist diet is based on these principles, just must use them to your advantage.