Taninoplasty is a procedure that can be used on any type of hair, it is 100% natural, it does not cause any damage on the hair and it softens, moisturizes and repairs it instantly. It is perfect for people who have straight hair that want to control the annoying frizz or hydrate them deeply. Let’s learn a little more about this treatment to get a straight and beautiful hair.

Well, this is a totally innocuous treatment that can be used by pregnant or lactating women, since it does not involve the application of chemicals or aggressive treatments like other treatments that smooth the hair.

Taninoplasty uses an organic and natural product, based on the so-called tannins that are preservatives of vegetable origin that are found in the bark of trees, fruits or wine. The antioxidant properties of tannins are suitable for the treatment of curling, curls definition, capillary regeneration, smoothing and wave maintenance.

It acts from the inside of the hair generating a protein chain inside the hair fiber, which is activated by contact with the iron, hydrating the hair and smoothing it. It can be applied repeatedly as it does not damage the fiber of the hair or modify its internal structure. It also gives a natural look, with shine, making it silky and resistant.

The treatment lasts approximately 180 minutes and should be applied by a professional, who will first wash the hair with a sulfate-free shampoothen dry the hair and apply the product strand by strand, massaging gently. The effects of smoothing of the taninoplasty can last three months.

After half an hour it is rinsed with plenty of water to proceed to seal the product and activate the tannin. The activation of the product is done by applying the hair straightener. Afterwards, a moisturizing mask should be applied, which should remain on the hair, applying a dryer so that no traces of the product remain.

The mops of hair that benefit most from this treatment are the curled ones, dry and with lots of frizz. It will provide the necessary brightness to this type of hair, leaving it soft and moisturizing. After the application of the treatment you can wash the hair with a suitable shampoo and it will only require drying the hair with a hairdryer so that your hair looks smooth, healthy and spectacular.

Taninoplasty softens the strongest waves and excellent results are obtained regardless of the intensity of the curls. it has been dermatologically approvedso it does not cause allergies or adverse effects.

Among the disadvantages of this treatment is that when the roots start to grow the difference between the mops of hair will begin to be noticed, so you must go back to a professional to make a retouch. In addition, you should not dye your hair immediately, you should wait a few days for it. In case of dyed hair, it may alter the color a bit.

However, this is an recommended treatment since it is natural and does not require any type of chemical agents. Check in your beauty salon about the availability of this treatment that will allow you to wear a spectacular mop of hair.