Tab key definition

(tabkey). A key on computer keyboards used to insert one or more tab stops in text, or to switch between boxes, tables, or buttons on a form or dialog box.

The Tab key is part of the typing keys on the keyboard.

«Tab» is an abbreviation for Tabulator.

Uses of the Tab key in Windows

In Windows system, the TAB key can be used in combination with other keys:

– CTRL + TAB: allows to change tabs or tabs when we are in a web browser or in any Windows tool that has tabs.

– ALT + TAB: allows you to switch between open work windows.

– The TAB key, when pressed, allows you to switch between the different options in the active window. For example, if we have a web form, the TAB key will «jump» between the different items of that form; as long as it is Windows Explorer, it allows «jumping» between the available options, etc.

– Shift + TAB: the same function as above, except that instead of moving forward to the next option, it will go back.

Tab key location

The Tab key is located on the left side of the keyboard, usually to the left of the Q key, above Caps Lock (or Caps Lock). Check the keyboard drawing below to locate the tab key.

The TAB key on a typical Spanish computer keyboard.

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