Synastry soul mates (how to know if you have found your soul mate)

Synastry soul mates Have you ever felt a strange impression when crossing paths with someone unknown as if you had already known him for a lifetime? Have you ever felt like time stood still when you were introduced to a strange person and wondered where you’ve seen them before? Perhaps the reason is not able to understand, but the heart and intuition yes, since it could be that, at that moment, the soul mate has been found.

There is a lot of controversy about what the expression «soul mates» means. The most popular belief is the idea of ​​»the better half.» It was born in ancient Greece with the androgynous myth.

According to them, the primordial beings were hermaphrodites. To weaken their enormous potential, the gods divided them into two entities, thus originating the separate sexes.

Taking this conception into account, love could be defined as the force of attraction that drives those two souls that formed an original unit to search for each other and merge into a single being.

However, finding that love or that strength is not easy, since destiny, through coincidences, often plays an important role in this process.

Despite this, there are certain techniques or methods that can accelerate that encounter with the other half and that help prepare us for the arrival of that special moment. These can be done simultaneously or separately. Let’s first look at the soul mate synastry method.


Synastry soul mates and karmic: Astrological method to find the soul mate

There is an astrological method that consists of a deep study of the birth chart of two people which can indicate if they are soul mates or not. This has to be studied from two branches of astrology: karmic and soul mate synastry.

Karmic astrology looks at it from the point of view of the lunar nodes, points in space located north and south of the Moon. The coincidence of the lunar nodes with the sign, ascendant and the Moon of the two cards usually occurs in those people who seem to have known each other forever, even though they have never seen each other.

From the twin souls synastry, which is the study of the compatibility of the cards and consists of superimposing both to see at what points they coincide, the most important thing is, in addition to the connection of the Moon, Sun and Ascendant, the interrelation of the planets, that will determine the type of relationship the couple will have.

In order for the emotional union of two people to be considered soulmates, Mercury and the conjunction of Mars and Venus cannot be missing from their birth charts.

The planet Mercury determines the ability to communicate, complicity, telepathy. Soulmate couples have such perfect communication that sometimes words are unnecessary. The Mars-Venus binomial is the marriage of action, the masculine, the yang, with sexual chemistry, attraction, eroticism, the feminine part, the yin.

The rest of the planets also influence the couple, and each one of them in conjunction with the others has a symbolic value within the relationship:

Jupiter-Saturn: They are social planets, they indicate the capacity of integration of the couple in the sphere of society. If both have a well-aspected Jupiter, they will infect each other with their vital enthusiasm, and they will share ideals and goals that they will fight to achieve together. Saturn marks the sense of responsibility, the demand of one another in labor and economic matters, the critical sense.

When Saturn has a strong presence, it is a couple too based on obligations, and may lack play and fun. Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: Generational planets, they explain the strange crossings of generations in some couples, between whose components there are differences of eight, fifteen or twenty years.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and experimentation. If there is a good connection of this planet, they will mutually respect each other’s individuality. Neptune represents depth and transcendence, reverie. Couples who have a good aspect to Neptune will enjoy meditating together, analyzing their dreams, delving into spirituality.

The planet Pluto represents the capacity for personal transformation. It grants the ability to understand the transformation process of the other, and the absence of this planet can cause the lack of mutual understanding to end the relationship.


Method of inner invocation to find the soul mate

ANDThis involves several steps:

clean the closet: In order for a new thing to come into you, you must eliminate old things. To do this, you should take a few days to clean the closet of all those old-fashioned clothes that no longer fit you because you have changed sizes. It is necessary to get rid of everything old and useless and keep what is useful, what suits you and is in good condition.

As you tidy up the closet, its interior will also be tidy. Old patterns will fall. When you’re done, wait a while; the next time you go shopping for clothes you will surprise yourself by choosing completely different clothes. The cleaning of our interior is a fundamental step to find the soul mate, because without it we will never recognize it.

Summon a guide: The internal guides represent the wise part that resides in our souls, and will be the one that will recognize the soulmate and the one that will lead said reunion. Therefore, if we give that wise part a name and a face, it will be easier to communicate with it or ask for help.

To do this, relax and, in a state of meditation, choose a place where you feel comfortable and in complete peace. Visualize yourself in that place, full of calm. Imagine how a star comes looking for you and takes you flying to another wonderful place: a temple. In it you will find your guide or guides, who may be from a family member, a friend admired by you, a fictional character or an emblem of the collective unconscious. He or they, who are symbols of your parts of your unconscious, will be your companions on the journey to your soulmate. Whenever you need his help, all you have to do is ask.

Visualize the soul mate: Get into a comfortable position – sitting, not lying down – and begin to meditate by activating your seven chakras. Imagine that you take an elevator to a basement and in this way you will relax. When you have reached that basement, transform it into a beautiful place, a garden, a beach, a forest, that inspires peace and happiness. You can accompany your guide.

Call your soulmate, try to see her. Imagine it. Look at the physical aspect of it, at the energy of it. Write down your first impressions, because those are the important ones. Try not to judge, because even if you think you are making it up, the images that come to you come from the depths of your unconscious, and therefore, in a symbolic or real way, they correspond to a truth.

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Rose quartz ritual method to find the soulmate

Rose quartz represents love above selfishness, the pillar of every relationship, and can be considered the crystallization of love. It is important to place two arcana of the Tarot (The Lovers and The Sun) under the pillow, along with a recent photograph of yourself and tie everything with a bow. They have to spend seven nights, from Monday to Sunday, in which you must not stop visualizing it, with the rose quartz in your left hand.

After seven nights, take the pink quartz and plant it in a pot, with new soil and next to seeds of basil (one of the twelve plants of paradise) and peppermint, the plant of rebirth.

When it has germinated, it is placed on a table between two candles, one white and one pink, a glass of water and incense. This altar represents the four elements of nature: Earth (the plant), Fire (the candles), Water (the glass) and Air (the incense). Touching the materials, the image of the soul mate must be defined.

To invoke her, you must call her asking her to come to the meeting, you must talk to her and share the experience with her and dedicate a poem or a prayer to her.


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