The symbols of the spiritual world exist all over the world and hide a deep meaning. Well, it is not a mere representation of random elements. But they constitute in themselves the representation of ideas, beliefs and the wisdom of the human being.

All this has been captured through figures that can be simple or complex. And that for this reason, they have been used in different cultures and have transcended through time. Maintaining in many cases the special meaning for which they were conceived and in others their meaning has been changing.

But, in any case, we must know that there are no good or bad symbols, only erroneous or negative interpretations. Therefore, below we invite you to know what is the true meaning of some spirit world symbols.

Well-known symbols of the spiritual world

Fatima’s hand

It has the shape of an open hand and is one of the spirit world symbols more famous. It is also known as hamsa, which is the Arabic word for «five», referring to the fingers of the hand. It is a symbol of Judaism and Islam, representing strength, power and blessing.

It is also related to patience, fertility and fidelity. It is used as an amulet for protection against the evil eye, envy and jealousy. Although currently it is also known throughout the world as a symbol of good luck.

the om symbol

This symbol is both a sacred sound or word that according to Hinduism originated the Universe. According to the ancient Sanskrit scriptures, it is loaded with meaning. Since it represents the inner self, unity with the supreme, the connection between the physical and spiritual world.

It is also called pranava mantra and is vocalized AUM. Three letters that represent energy in its three forms: Bhrahma, or creation; Vishnu, preservation and Shiva which translates as liberation.

That is why in India it is widely used when meditating or in moments that require maximum concentration. Because it allows you to connect with the supreme energy, as it drives away negative thoughts and distraction.

Ankh or Egyptian Cross

The Ankh also known as an ansada cross or key of life. It is one of the most powerful spirit world symbols, originally from ancient Egypt. It symbolizes the union of both sexes through the sexual act and of the terrestrial with the divine.

It also represents life, fertility and immortality. Therefore, the Egyptian gods were always represented carrying this symbol as a sign of their power over life and death. Currently, it has crossed the Egyptian culture becoming a universal symbol of eternal life, the transcendent and the infinite.

yin and yang

It is one of the most famous and ancient symbols of Chinese culture. It represents the balance and duality of everything that exists in the universe. In general it means the union between two opposing forces that are complementary and essential to maintain the universal balance.

On the one hand, the yin associated with the feminine, darkness, passivity and earth. And on the other the yang, linked to the masculine, the light, the active and the sky. The concept of the two essential forces has transcended to our days beyond the spiritual. Being considered as a symbol par excellence of balance.

the star of david

This is one of the best known symbols of the spirit worldthat identifies Judaism and other Hebrew cultures. This is made up of two equilateral triangles, which overlap in opposite directions to create a six-pointed star. The number six represents perfection, likewise the triangles and the double triangle represents the connection between God and humanity, between heaven and earth.

Currently the Star of David is known as a protective symbol of peace and balance. It is also used as an alchemical symbol (emblem of fire and water) and a symbol of wisdom.

the pentagram

Also called pentacle or pentalpha. This symbol is negatively associated with Satanism, black magic and witchcraft due to the lack of knowledge of its meaning. Since some associate it with dark energies, while for others it is a protection mechanism.

But the truth is that the pentagram symbolizes the figure of a human being, with hands stretched out to the sides and legs open. The point of the star represents his head, while the remaining four represent the 4 elements of nature.


Between the symbols of the spirit worldte is one of the simplest and has a broader meaning. Well, this symbol that has the shape of the number eight lying down is also a word that comes from Latin and means «unlimited».

It is associated with cycles that repeat themselves and with everything that has no end. Since all its elements are connected, neither the beginning nor the end of the symbol can be determined.

It is believed that this infinity symbol is closely related to the ancient Greek symbol of the ouroboros. A kind of mythical animal with the shape or features of a snake and similar to a dragon, which bites its tail.

the eye of horus

Also known as the eye of Ra, all-seeing eye or Udyat, which means «the one that is complete». is a powerful protection symbol originating in ancient Egypt, representing the unit or whole reestablished. He is related to the God Horus, who according to legend would have used him to revive his father the God Osiris.

This symbol can have two meanings, depending on which eye is represented. The right eye represents the sun and light, which is why it is also known as the «Eye of Rá». While the left one represents the moon and darkness.

Today, the eye of Horus is used in different parts of the world. As a talisman to protect against diseases and also against spells and curses and the evil eye.

As you can see these are not the only ones spirit world symbols. Well, in the world there are many others and each of them has a great meaning. Therefore, understanding them helps us to recognize their power and use them to receive all their energy in our lives.

Be attentive to the second part of this article where we will know the meaning of other symbols.