Symbols of hope most used in jewelry

people search symbols of hope to inspire them that positive results will occur even though they encounter difficulties and challenges in life. Fortunately, there are many signs, objects and animals that can represent hope. If you are looking for a jewel that symbolizes hope, read on! Here we will tell you which are the most used and original.

What are the most used symbols of hope in jewelry?

The anchor

Sailors use an anchor to secure and keep a boat or ship safe, especially during bad weather conditions. Due to their ability to prevent the movement of a ship from venturing into dangerous waters, anchors can symbolize strength, security and hope. Remember, anchors can also give you hope that the boat will survive inclement weather.

The symbol has strong roots in Christianity, where it was adopted as a symbol of strength and hope. The reason for this is that hope is an anchor of our souls. Another Christian meaning of the anchor is hope in Jesus. In fact, Christians use the anchor as a way to show their hope and faith in Jesus Christ during the second and third centuries, a time when the Romans persecuted Christians.

eight pointed star

The eight pointed star is a Native American symbol of hope and guidance. Eight is a vital number in Native American culture because it represents balance. The outer circle of the eight-pointed star symbol, on the other hand, symbolizes protection. The symbol was used to mark incoming events based on celestial alignments because it was seen as bringing hope for the future.


The shamrock, also known as the three-leaf clover, grows abundantly in Ireland and is one of the country’s most famous symbols. As for its meaning, the clover has three leaves, which symbolize hope, love and faith. Because the plant grows profusely, the Celts also use this symbol to signify abundance, productivity, prosperity, and fertility.

Butterflies as symbols of hope

A butterfly is one of the most symbolic insects. His ability to transform from a caterpillar into a magnificent winged creature represents hope, potential, and resilience. It is often used as a metaphor for hope and growth.

This beautiful insect is a symbol of hope in the Native American culture, it is believed that it can transmit messages or wishes to the Great Spirit. For them, if a person catches an elusive butterfly, whispers a wish and lets it go, the wish will be granted. The main reason is that the butterfly is grateful for its freedom.

All in all, people all over the world have used the butterfly symbol to represent life, hope, change and resistance.


In Celtic culture, due to its antlers, a deer is believed to be a supernatural being. A deer’s antlers will shed once a year and will grow back during the spring. Due to this natural event, the Celts consider the deer’s antlers as a symbol of regeneration, abundance and hope. What symbols of hopedeer antlers can remind us that failure is a natural process in life, but we can always pick ourselves up, learn from our mistakes and become stronger.

easter lily

An Easter lily is one of the most popular flowers that symbolizes hope. The reason for this is that it starts from an ugly bulb and has a very slow growth process. Even so, the bulb will become a stately plant with radiant white flowers after three or more years.

In Christianity, an Easter lily symbolizes hope and rebirth. The reason for this is the shape of the flower which may represent a trumpet, blown to inform the people of the resurrection of Jesus.


Birch trees exude great beauty even after their leaves have fallen, and they are the first trees to regrow their leaves in early spring. For this reason, birch trees are often used to symbolize new beginnings and hope.

Olive branch

The olive branch has long been associated with peace and hope. Aside from its biblical roots, where the branch was seen as a symbol of hope and God’s promise in the story of Noah, the Greeks used the olive branch as a symbol of peace and victory. Today, it remains a primary symbol of peace and, by extension, hope.


The phoenix is ​​a legendary bird, variations of which can be found in various ancient cultures. The life of the bird is cyclical, in the sense that after a certain period it bursts into flames but is reborn from the ashes. The phoenix has been used as a symbol to signify life, death, and rebirth. However, the phoenix symbol can also be used to represent hope. Remember, this creature will rise from the ashes after being burned and thus provides hope that you, too, can be resurrected after loss or devastation.


A rainbow often appears as perfect arches during or after a storm, implying that good things come after the darkest of storms. As such, a rainbow is a perfect symbol of hope because it means better days are ahead if we can endure the dark days. The symbolism of the rainbow has its roots in the story of Noah in the Bible. Consequently, the rainbow after the flood was a sign of God’s promise that such events would never happen again.


A dove is a symbol of peace and purity due to its white color and gentle nature. But the dove can also be used to represent hope. In Assyrian culture, the dove is represented as the companion of the mother goddess Ishtar and symbolizes the promise of salvation and hope.

In the biblical story about the Great Flood, Noah released a dove to look for a sign that the flood had subsided. At first, the bird could not find anything. On his second try, the dove returned with an olive branch, giving the people hope for a better tomorrow.