In numerology, the basic theory says that each number must be reduced to a single digit or primary number, there are three exceptions: the number 11, 22 and 33, the so-called master numbers that are considered the most special and important and not they can be simplified, but kept complete.

These numbers have a series of special and significant characteristics that affect the personality or way of being of those people who possess them, whether as a number of life, destiny, heart, among others. However, 11 is a higher level number, of mental agility and is closely related to politicians, leaders, artists, inventors and charismatic and prominent figures of society.

Also, this master number symbolizes intuition, strength, energy, idealism, determination, and at the same time many contradictions since if it is reduced, you get 2 (1+1), the feminine energy of Hera and also has traits of the personality of 1, the masculine energy of Zeus; opposite, strong traits that overshadow the other numbers from 3 to 9.

However, the true symbolic essence of this number lies in the link established between man and spirit, between the mortal and the immortal, between darkness and light, ignorance and enlightenment; in short, in the capacity to take the human being to the highest levels of spiritual perception. Likewise, these people stand out for their great communication skills, for their charm and charisma; they like to transmit knowledge, they have a great determination to achieve what they set out to do, which is why it is difficult for them to abandon their goals.

Within its mission is to improve society and the world. Therefore, people under the influences of the number 11 are idealistic, high energy, sensitive, passionate, highly empathetic and ambitious, excellent educators and journalists. This number also represents the birth and anchoring of the new.

Likewise, people marked by 11 are not superior beings, they simply have a greater responsibility due to their great intuition, they are destined for great purposes that will contribute a lot to their environment.

When these people are not able to accept and recognize the influences of this master number, they can feel overwhelmed, since they will not understand the number of things that they constantly perceive from the world around them, subjecting themselves to an emotional imbalance and becoming withdrawn people. It will be difficult for them to interact socially. In many cases they will spend too much time in self-reflection, in an attempt to understand what is going on in their restless mind.

To conclude, without a doubt, it is interesting to know the numbers that mark the personality, since it can help with inner balance, much more so if it is a master number that represents introspection, intuition and the spiritual world, and that is also the number of those who are destined to attain enlightenment. Likewise, one of the most magical numbers in the occult sciences.