Perhaps on several occasions you have felt great comfort and inspiration when it comes to color, be it in clothes, in food and even when looking at eyes. It is a sensation that revives feelings, emotions or concerns.

If you have felt it, let me tell you that the reason for this is because colors, in addition to producing attention in the eyes, also produce a sensation effect that is intimately linked with mental and emotional processes. Next, pay attention to the particular symbology of the color green; More than seeing it in the grass of the field or in the leaves of a tree, it carries and transmits a mysterious and powerful meaning.

Green is a color of activity, perseverance and tenacity. It is the color of life, since it promotes health and overflows us with an energy that is not impulsive or uncontrollable, on the contrary, it is an energy of trust and security.

The color green is closely related to creativity, the closer it is to a yellowish tone, the more the level of tension increases, while the bluish or turquoise green is more inclined towards constancy and relationship. The light and bright green will make you better highlight your qualities, the phosphorescent will attract success in your life, the mint green will give you a pinch of versatility, and the light matte will make you look very nice. However, the dark green and the olive type are related to deception and betrayal, they convey mistrust and insecurity. Therefore, you must pay close attention when it comes to color, as well as when you are in the presence of it.

The green color instills hope and vitality, it is closely related to health. In the case of foods that have this color, they are responsible for transmitting vitality, health and freshness, as we can see in lemon, lettuce, olives, among other foods. It symbolizes in them, the special feature of being natural and fresh.

In the case of the eyes, a green iris symbolizes courage and perseverance; People with this eye color are always full of courage and bravery to face any obstacles that come their way.

In addition, the zodiacal sign of «Virgo» is represented by this color, which allows people born under this constellation to have great emotions and perspectives; in some cases these are so high that they must even learn to control themselves. This color will flatter you, giving you harmony and confidence!

Finally, opting for the use of this color in your clothing will help you feel more comfortable and fresh. It is convenient that during the day you wear a garment of this color to alleviate the influences of the day, which will help you to be relaxed and willing to cope with any irregularity that may arise.

Include the color green in your life, so that you can benefit from all the great benefits it offers, I am completely sure that it will favor you. Good luck!