Although many of us now know it as sodium chloride (NaCl) that is its scientific name, salt has been used since memorable times, in countless rituals to neutralize the forces coming from evil; effectively clearing people’s spiritual energy. It represents a form of blessing, protection and cleaning; focused on removing all the bad influences perceived through the space that surrounds us.

The power of salt derives from its shiny consistency. Its domain effectively harmonizes the psychic energies within our body, duly guided towards the environment through esoteric tools; acting as a link of the true power of consciences.

Unrefined sea salt is the most indicated in the ritual procedure. By means of it, you will be able to absorb the forces that are favorable for the healing and purification of balance by putting them into practice; with the different techniques that we suggest below.

Ritual with salt to harmonize and cleanse your aura: use salt in its natural state, which you will pulverize with a stone found on the beach; placing enough amount in your hand, then proceed to rub in circles all over your skin; first the feet, going up to the head. As you do this, imagine white light gently enveloping you; then it is time to ask in a low voice, for what is desired in her life; visualizing yourself with a new and radiant energy that captivates the positive, when finished rinse with plenty of warm water.

Ritual with salt for the house: place the salt in a liter of water, leaving it overnight. The next morning, he will proceed to water it from the entrance door, including the last room or corner; spray the corners, the ceilings, under the furniture, repeating aloud the following words: only the powerful, radiant, omnipotent, active light of God; will bring peace, love and prosperity to my home, staying forever in it.

Ritual with salt, warding off bad luck: when misfortune keeps you company, the best thing you can do is make a wide circle in your backyard or on another cleared ground with enough salt, cinnamon powder, two tablespoons of sulfur, five tablespoons of gunpowder, (when doing this process be very careful). Stand in the center, invoking Saint Michael the Archangel; light it with the help of another person, keeping yourself straight and avoiding that the sparks can burn it, the ideal is to cover yourself with thick clothing, protecting your head.

Ritual with salt, attracting money: the first Friday of each month, a salt bath will be given, adding 10 liters of water to a container; It will start by sprinkling your feet, even your hair. It will take the rest of the liquid, emptying it completely from the head; You should not rinse, this will attract a lot of well-being and prosperity to your life. On the “YouTube” channel “Candela Hernández”, they suggest a ritual with salt to cleanse the energies.

The fundamental advantage in any ritual that you practice, is the confidence that your particular faith generates. It is a quality present in our souls, capable of achieving impossible things; using them for the common good.