A belt can become the most impressive jewelry that an empowered and current girl can have. Also called straps, these garments have a utility beyond being able to define the feminine silhouette, or to give the sensation of a midpoint in that routine ‘outfit’. Below are the available perks that are stored on a belt, ready to dazzle on any occasion.

The start of your new it was. Although it was customary for belts to only be worn on pants, and adjusted to the hips, with the arrival of new trends, the belt became a key piece for the female public. It was from Spring – Summer 2015, when two great fashion houses began the new era of the belt. The three presentation ranges were: placed at the waist together with retro and bohemian skirts, in evening dresses or with ‘oversize’ t-shirts, being a fact that has opened the door of versatility to a garment that has been relegated for so long.

Mandatory belts for autumn – winter. The belts of the current season are geared towards wearing metallic touches, but without neglecting the sophisticated character; as well as wearing touches in braids or dies, the latter are ideal for the most casual and sporty girls.

But how can they be used? The way to use them according to the prevailing trends is together with a retro midi skirt, recreating a retro style that remains at the forefront. On the other hand, chain belts can give an extroverted and bold touch to those simple ‘leggins’ together with their respective ‘oversize’ shirt.

Even one of the mandatory in fashion, the ‘little black dress’ has been attracted by the accessory that represents a belt. In this case, those metallic and rigid ones will be in keeping with the touch of elegance of this garment, which is necessary for any woman who considers herself a ‘fashion lover’.

An extra tip never hurts. Along with trends, it is always important to know extra tips to wear a belt as a stunning jewel. A key piece in any combination, belts can travel both in a formal ‘look’ and in a bohemian wardrobe. The ‘urban chic’ style is perhaps one of the ways in which this accessory can play best.

Wearing an American cut shirt, the feminine touch can be added by locating the waist area thanks to a golden belt. For those who prefer alternative options to ‘oversize’ garments, the belt will also be their essential ally.

For the versatility wrapped around the waist. Rock becomes fashionable thanks to studded straps, the bohemians of the 70s are rescued on flower designs, with a classic leather belt, and for the inveterate glamour, a thick belt, type cummerbund, can be the perfect accessory. with a flowing dress, cut T-shirt. Without a doubt, belts correspond to one of the most impressive jewels that good dress has at hand.