Being united in love with our partner is a blessing; and it is that when we find the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our life, we fight fiercely so that love always stays alive. However, believing that the relationship only feeds on love is a very common mistake, and that is that there are many ties that we must intertwine to be deeply united with someone, love is just one of them; but where are the others? If we leave aside the other factors that hold a relationship together, very soon it will be finished by monotony.

Knowing how to behave as friends in a relationship is very important, the need to be heard, have fun and play jokes are necessary things to feed it. Let’s pay a little more attention to the needs of our partner, and we will become everything he needs. Intensify each of these bonds that unite you with your partner with labradorite; This stone will allow you to bring out your most creative side, helping you to add fun to your relationship, with that touch of friendship and love.

This magnificent stone will exert all its powers to intensify each one of the bonds you may have with someone, especially in couples. Protect yourself from negative energies with this stone!

Its mystical properties tell us that it is capable of showing us who we were in past lives; and, paradoxically, it is also capable of erasing from our memory all those not-so-pleasant memories of our childhood. This gem connects the mind with the body, forcing us to act and turn that dream that we want so much to come true. It is able to help us decipher messages that we had not been able to hear through the spiritual path. In the same way, it is able to show all those talents that you had hidden while improving concentration.

Physically, it acts in women to control menstruation and all the changes associated with it, regulates blood pressure; It is also used to cure flu or colds. If you suffer from any eye or brain disease, this stone is capable of significantly improving it. On the other hand, it regulates metabolism and hormone production.

This stone, with a hardness of 5 or 6 on the Mohs scale, was discovered in 1770; and takes the form of fractured crystals, adding its characteristic colors green, blue, white and slightly iridescent gray, and is soluble in acids. Formerly, labradorites were believed to be pieces of the northern lights that fell to earth, as the myth told that the northern lights had been trapped in a rock in Canada; Later, it was released by the arrow of a brave man, but not all the lights could escape, thus forming the labradorite.

Having already known the properties and history of this mysterious stone, use it as best suits you! Without forgetting the wonderful effects it offers you when it comes to improving your relationship. Wear this stone as a jewel or wear it as a protection talisman!